Did Blueface Really Sleep With 1,000 Girls? We Did The Math


Did Blueface Really Sleep With 1000 Girls?

I’ve seen some stuff when at shows with big rappers and you gotta be careful out there.

To be honest, if you are as famous as Blueface is for 6 months? It really wouldn’t that hard to have sex with over 500 girls in 6 months.

Let’s do the math. 

Six months is approximately 180 days.

You have to assume because he is young and horny and has the ability he is easily at least having sex once a night with a new girl. That’s 180 right here.

With his testosterone levels at his age, he is consistently horny which means he can probably have sex five times a day without even thinking about it. I’d say he is at least having sexual encounters at least 2 to 3 times a day. 

But for this math break down let’s just say… 2 times a day… Which if I can do that with absolute ease.. What do you think a SUPER famous music artist can pull a day?

So remember we are 180 for just 1 time a day right.

Well… you have to assume AT LEAST 2 a day so now we are at 180 x 2 which is 360. 

But that doesn’t include threesomes and orgies that might happening at night. 

Let’s say 60 of those days he had at least 1 threesome that is another 60 girls onto the 360 putting us at 420. 

Then let’s say 30 of the other days he had a foursome (or an orgy) that’s another 60 to 100 depending on how many girls were involved. 

Definitely not hard to believe he had sex with 450 to 600 women the last 6 months. But one thousand… that’s hard to believe. Is it possible? Yea. 

If his next album comes out and he didn’t even try or it has nothing GOOD on it then I’ll believe it all because that tells me he wasn’t spending any time on his career. 

This is Smart Rapper so… what can you learn from this as a rapper in your career?

Number one, this many girls is completely possible at his level but I wanna talk to you guys about keeping yourself safe AS WELL AS making sure you don’t get any girls pregnant. 

Make sure you always wear a condom. Do you have any idea how many people get pregnant a year? And even scarier–do you have any idea how many people get HIV a year? 

Let me tell you the numbers so you’re so scared that you never leave home without a condom EVEN if you don’t get laid. You’ll probably start carrying around hoe repellent spray.

In 2017 5,000 people a DAY got HIV. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Over the course of a year… 1.8 MILLION NEW PEOPLE got HIV. Think about that next time you consider not wearing a condom. You could be one of those 5,000 people.

Also please pay attention to the FACT that some people have it and TRY TO SPREAD IT TO OTHERS ON PURPOSE because they are so mad at life. 

This woman [in the video] actually said she gives it to people one purpose because wants people to feel the pain she feels. How messed up is that? You seeing this video could literally save your life.

And Lastly, 87 MILLION WOMEN unintentionally get pregnant every year…. 87 MILLION!

Think about all those girls in high school that got pregnant ON ACCIDENT… do you know what that can do to your music career JUST mentally? You don’t want that obstacle in your way…

Real quick let me scare you with another story…. 

Chief Keef… Let me tell you why he is pretty much screwed. 

At 21 he had 5 baby mommas. Now he is 23 and he has 9 baby mommas… dude will never learn and he never pays his child support. 

You don’t wanna be that person. 

He can literally NEVER make money and claim the money or they will all sue him and he will be BROKE and because that would make him broke, he is probably going to get caught for TAX evasion soon enough. 

Head to the YouTube video and comment below. Give me the number below that you think Blueface had sex with the last 6 months. Then comment the number of baby moms you think Chief Keef will end up with.

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