The Most Insane Instagram DM I Ever Received 

This kid DMd me and asked me to buy him a laptop because he’s a serious rapper.

I’m sitting here like… if you were serious… and thought the laptop was the next move to help you grow.. youd sell everything you have like your xbox or ps4 to get the laptop.

I saw a comment on the scam video and a guy said he sold all of his studio equipment to send the money to the guy that offered him the record deal.

While yes he got scammed… that’s the type of you shit you have to be willing to do to move forward. That’s the type of attitude you need in order to make it.

He said “I have to come up with this money” to move forward. And he sold everything he owned.

You have to work for the things you need in order to move your career forward. And if you arent willing to its sheer proof you really didnt want.

Because someone who really wants it and who believes that is truly the next thing they need to move forward… works for it.

If you’re given everything you wont respect it and you’ll think it comes easy so you dont have to work.

You’ll never understand in life that it’s a cold world and no one gives a fuck about you. the world doesn’t give a fuck if you stop working and die.

It doesn’t care if you accomplish your dreams.

It doesn’t care if you get to eat or have a place to sleep.

You have to do everything you have to do to survive and show the world you deserve more than just surviving and being complacent.

You need to show the world you deserve to shine and that you’re going to do anything it takes to not only survive… but to thrive.

I’m here to set that fire under your ass because I know the world doesn’t give a fuck about you because it never gave a fuck about me and I understood that from a very young age.

Neglect and not being given any help any love or anything to move forward made me say “well, in this world it looks like I’m the only person who can rely on ME”

I trust no one and make sure I put in the work so shit gets done.

If you dont feel the cold breeze on your bare skin you never worry about working to get a jacket to keep warm.

Additionally let’s talk about what happens if someone buys you all of your equipment.

Most of the time people think that something is going to magically save them… if its not someone financially helping you then they usually think after one event happens everything will change. It goes like this.

if they get the new computer then they will work harder and make more music

Then they get the computer and don’t work on music much because they say but I can’t without the new microphone so I gotta wait till I get that

Or this one is even better as an example… when I get money I’ll be able to blow up my career

People don’t realize… as soon as you get money you are still the same person… you just have money. You are not magically smarter or more capable of success.

Money is a tool but most people don’t know how to use a lot if tools.

A great example… if I gave you 10 grand RIGHT now because you thought having 10k would change your entire life.. what would you do with it?

The truth is 10 grand wont magically make you successful… you probably don’t even know how you would spend the 10 grand.

So really this video is about you understanding that the chase for the dream is never ending… one move isn’t enough to blow you up, getting your hands on a microphone, record deal or even 20 grand isn’t going to blow you up.

What is going to blow you up is realizing you have to work, then work some more and the. Prepare to work more once you get tool after tool after tool and build your empire until it touches the clouds.

And it’s a cold world… no one is going to help you… and if they especially in the beginning stages… you wouldn’t understand that this takes hard work.

So for this article I gotta thank the kid that sent me a DM asking me to buy him a laptop. But because of everything I said in this video… no… I wont buy you a laptop. Thank me later.

Keep hustlin man… if you really want it… I’ll see you at the top

Rob Level


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