I Got Hustled + Proof Of The Music Marketing Software I Pay For Every Month

truth about gaining fans
I Got Hustled

The Truth About Building A Fanbase

This is a real E-mail conversation that happened 10 minutes ago between me and a Smart Rapper customer.

For one, this guy hustled me lol

I didn’t know how to set up the coupons properly in my product cart yet and he got to use 2 of the same 50% off coupon and get $120 in Smart Rapper Products for $30 lol.

He bought a $120 Package and then used the 50% off coupon two times lol

So it went from $120 to $60 and then from $60 to $30 lol!

Hey, you live and you learn. I’m just happy he is happy 🙂

free updates

The writing course alone is usually $97 lol

Side Note but I also show you that you get free upgrades FOREVER of any Smart Rapper product you buy.


This way you will always be up to date 🙂

But I’m Happy To Say

More importantly I’m happy to mention you can clearly see that people who buy Smart Rapper products get a lot from them.

In this E-mail conversation I just had with a Smart Rapper customer Greg, I explain my exact mindset on building your HUGE fan base.

The 100% honest truth about building a music fan base that you really need to instill in yourself because it is truly how you build a fan base.

Part 2
Incase you didnt know

If you don’t know what we are talking about here we are talking about Tube Assist. I also mention Follow Adder in this discussion.

If you want to see full details on what these two tools actually do and see why I speak so highly of them you can check these

Tube Assist: Tube Assist Details On What It Does

Follow Adder: How To Gain 1,000’s of Instagram Followers A Month While You Sleep

The mind blowing truth
Part 3
The Ps with the proof
part 4
wrapping up

The Truth About Building A Fanbase

I use every single tool I possibly can to get my name seen and get my music heard.

I know when people hear me they are going to like me. Why would I care HOW they hear me? If they become a fan, they are a fan no matter how they became a fan.

What matters is there is now another person out there helping promote my music to others and helping me get heard. This all adds up and creates a snowball effect that allows you to roll down that snowy mountain and crash through the industry door to success.

As corny as that metaphor was, it’s the truth haha. You also get to crush everyone who ever doubted you.

Get out there and start getting your music heard. Stop worrying what people think and say, that is one of the biggest things that ever held me back as an artist.

You need to set your goals and not let anyone get in your way!

You Got This!

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– SR

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