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The Truth About Having Multiple Rap Styles

The Truth About Having Multiple Rap Styles

This is a question I think ALL artists really think about at a lot of stages of their careers.

I can sum this up for you pretty easily too so that you stop overthinking it and start actually using what you have to better yourself.

This is definitely a video I have needed to make for a long long time. I get asked this question all the time.

Numerous Rap Styles

When people ask this question I believe they are at a point in their career where they want to try different rap styles and feel like if they don’t sound the same on every song it’s a bad thing.

Now here is where it gets a bit confusing because really… having one sound or style IS the best bet so you can consistently market THAT SOUND to the same target demographic.

Once a large audience of people are used to your voice and how you sound, they become a fan of THAT and expect more of THAT.

So having different rap styles and sounds is actually a really bad thing in the bigger long term picture.

A label hates signing people who don’t have a definite sound because if 1 song is being targeted to 14 to 18 year old females with you singing but then the next song is you rapping about subject matter that is totally different and the target audience is 18 to 24 year old male college students, they are spreading their resources and money in too many different directions and it lessens their chances of return on investment.

** Here are the 2 songs I played for you in this video as examples **

Rob Level – Way Up Music Video

Rob Level – Spray Music Video

What they want is you to keep making great songs to promote to the same target demographic time and time and time again so that the same group of people are buying, listening and spreading to other people in the same demographic. If you are all over the place the music will spread in smaller circles amongst different groups of people that aren’t connected enough to come together into a bigger mass.

The work around for this is if you have 2 or 3 slightly different styles that work together on the same tracks, every track that you make. You do some rapping, slight singing in a range that works for you and maybe an aggressive voice where it makes sense or something like that for example.

But it has to be a style that works on all your music so your audience loves THAT STYLE.

I personally hate that that is how it works. I love creating random things and random voices and fitting something unique onto every track that I touch. It’s fun. But if you can create a cool unique style you can use on every track, there is where you hit the jackpot.

Now really quick let me give you an example of 2 different styles and you’ll realize why it’s smart to have ONE solid sound.

The people who listen to those songs are generally 2 totally different audiences.

They are BOTH my songs but 2 totally different songs and feels. One is singing motivational and the other is aggressive and hype.

If someone became a fan of the singing one and then the released the rapping one, they are totally confused why they became a fan.

I was obviously well aware of that when I released the song but tbh I didn’t care. I liked the song so I released it.

I hate being put into a box but if you want to make it FASTER, you have to have ONE style. I have too many styles because I spent YEARS making songs to random beats and fitting myself onto random beats. But you probably haven’t done that yet so you can still focus on just making ONE STYLE.

I made Smart Rapper so you can LEARN from what I did and what I do. Hope this helps. Go find that style!

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– Rob Level

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