What If Avengers Endgame Was Set In The Rap World?

What if Avengers Endgame Was Set In The Rap World?

Here’s a crazy theory that I heard about Avengers Endgame and what it would be like if the Infinity Stones were actually for rap and your rap career.

Alright, so, the biggest movie in the world this week is the new AVENGERS movie, ENDGAME, which made over a BILLION dollars in its first weekend.

In Endgame, the characters need six infinity stones in order to control the universe.

The stones are named after different things they control or represent: Soul, mind, reality, power, time and space – and you need all of them to succeed.

Now, you may see where I’m going with this. I’m not claiming to have created this theory – because I didn’t – but I think it’s worth sharing because there’s cool stuff to get into here and learn from.

So here it is: the theory of the RAP INFINITY STONES and how you can use them to control YOUR universe. It’s a pretty cool metaphor, and definitely some real talk for rappers.

Just to be clear, these are things from Marvel Endgame applied to rappers and success in the rap game.

First up, we’ve got the soul stone.

The Hip Hop Soul Stone

The hip hop soul stone is about making music that is genuine and real based on who you are and what you’ve been through.

I’m talking about not just rapping about girls, or drugs, or guns, or cars – or the stuff you think you should be rapping about – but rapping about stuff more original that only you can speak on.

Being a successful artist is about having something to say, and saying it in an interesting way through your music and the messages you choose to rap or sing about.

The best way to do that is to speak from the heart and your personal experience when it comes to making music.

The best songs and most hit records are popular because people connect to that real emotion or situation being described in the song. To succeed in the hip hop universe, you need the soul stone to be a part of your rap.

Next, we’ve got the mind stone.

The Hip Hop Mind Stone

For this theory, the mind stone represents how you have to approach your music, marketing, and personal brand with intelligence and planning.

In the Marvel Universe, the mind stone can be used to create new levels of intelligence – like the character Vision.

To be successful in this industry, you need to keep your mind evolving, learning and branching out constantly so you make the best music and best connections possible for yourself.

This also means keeping your mind right by treating yourself well and taking care of yourself the way you need to in order to stay sharp and on point for any opportunity or challenge that may suddenly come up for you.

You need the mind stone to control your hip hop universe.

Listen to Thanos. Stop rapping about stuff that doesn’t matter to you.

Now we are getting to the Reality Stone, something super important for us in this theory.

The Hip Hop Reality Stone

Our hip hop reality stone means a LOT. Stay with me. First off, to be successful as a rapper, you need to be real with YOURSELF!

You need to be honest about your strengths and your weaknesses or you’ll never be able to get better.

You need to be real with yourself about where you are in life and your career so you can make strong choices to actually help instead of things you don’t need to concern yourself with.

Lastly you have to be comfortable existing in other people’s’ realities. Not everyone’s gonna like you!

A lotta people might even think you suck and you have to be okay with that. By being okay with your reality, you can better handle other realities that, like it or not, you’re also existing in.

And that’s why you gotta have that rap reality stone.

The Hip Hop Time Stone

Next up, we’ve arrived at the Time Stone. You gotta be comfortable with spending time to succeed with this dream, man.

It takes time and undeniable patience to achieve in this industry. Whether it’s six months or 10 years, you’re going to have a learning curve and a success curve when it comes to your career, and handling that is a big part of this.

Overnight success is not.a.thing. You’re not going to make it big off the first song you make, no matter who you are.

Getting good takes time and getting connected and heard takes TIME. If you’re not willing to wait, and work while you wait, then go find something else you are willing to do that for, and you’ll probably be a lot happier and potentially more successful.

Maybe most importantly, you need to respect the time and energy it takes to arrive at the place you want to be in life.

Think about it: if you make it big tomorrow, and still don’t know a lot about business, music, or professional relationships, you’re going to make mistakes that will damage your career forever, that you can’t come back from.

Check out the cool insight on rapper’s careers through this Marvel theory!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at all the one hit wonders and flameouts that happen constantly in this business and thank your lucky stars you get to mature, grow, and learn before you get to a giant audience that is a lot more unforgiving of mistakes and failures.

Okay, we’re almost done, but we’ve got a couple more. Second to last is the Space Stone.

The Hip Hop Space Stone

For us, the Space Stone represents the physical and mental space you need to conquer in order to be popular in a mainstream way.

To truly make it in this business, you need to be influential beyond your inner circle. People thousands of miles away from you need to have heard and loved your music, know you, and like you.

You need to operate successfully across geographical space, but you need to also occupy space in people’s minds, in their hearts.

Your music needs to cover multiple kinds of territory, period. This means you need to understand what it takes to expand and do things that expand your influence and the way people regard you and your music.

Making it in the business is impossible without this. And here we are with our last infinity stone…

The Hip Hop Power Stone

I’m gonna leave you today with a little bit about the Power Stone: and understanding the importance of power for yourself and your career.

At the end of the day, to make it, you need to be the kind of person that people want to follow and support.

You need to deserve that respect, power, and influence, or people will quickly realize you don’t deserve it and move on to someone else, who does!

Use all the rap superpowers we go through here for your ultimate career power. You’ll be unstoppable!

You also need to take power into your hands and run your career and your team the way they need to be run for success.

You have to understand how to get the best from people and not  burn bridges. Your leadership and the way you operate will greatly influence how people see you and respect you.

You career cannot take off if you can’t command respect from your team and complete strangers just hearing your music for the first time. Master your own leadership abilities and become a boss, so that you command attention.

Alright everybody, this has been the RAP INFINITY STONES inspired by Avengers: Endgame with me, Rob Level, for Smart Rapper. Let me know which rap infinity stones you’ve got, and how many you’re still working on. Everyone’s a work in progress, so don’t be discouraged. I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something.

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