This Is Why Rappers GRIND but NEVER BLOW UP

This Is Why Rappers GRIND but NEVER BLOW UP

Because it’s NOT JUST about making songs or just promoting your songs.

You have to look at your weak parts of your plan and BUILD UP on your weaknesses, test what will work and what doesn’t work.

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If you keep doing the SAME kind of music over and over and no one is listening, you are doing it wrong

If you keep trying marketing tactics and no one is listening to your music, you are doing wrong.

Either your marketing is wrong, or your marketing is great but your music sucks so when people get to your music they aren’t sticking.
There are people with 10 albums out that no one has ever fucking heard of for a reason.

If you have that many albums out and you have NO FAN BASE, you should know something is wrong at that point.

You can blow up off of your 1st mixtape if you do the marketing right. I blew up off my VERY FIRST mixtape

I already has thousands of people waiting for my new mixtape BEFORE I had the black and yellow remix blow up.

You can go back to my They’ll all see video and see I had like 50 people hold up fan signs in that video for the lyrics. That was like 3 months before I released the black and yellow remix that got 5 million views on it.

I got 50,000 downloads on my first mixtape on Datpiff.

You know where I fucked up? I had a TON OF BUZZ but I didn’t post pictures of myself, I didn’t post statuses on social media because I hated people hating on me, which I now can completely handle and realize is normal

I didn’t release music for another year. People forget about you in a year. You HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT and YOU HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING FORWARD CONSISTENTLY!

That is why I now release 2 songs a month AND have a plan and I am testing everything.

You have to strategize and execute and see what works and doesn’t work and keep moving forward.

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