4 Ways Producers Can Get Rappers To Buy Beats

4 SEXY Ways Producers Can Get Rappers To Buy Beats

1) Collaborate with other beat makers who already have BIG E-MAIL LISTS

– making a collaborative beat and splitting the revenue generated 50/50 will make you some money.

Especially if you are starting out but don’t have the audience yet
The other producer already has some brand loyalty so he is sure to sell some beat leases if you make a great beat together

2) You can find people who have a large audience of rappers watching all of their content.

Like me, or How To Rap Drew and trade an e-mail blast for a split of the money generated.
For this to work properly you will need to build an affiliate program properly.
By the way I ran into How TO Rap Drew like 6 months ago and we have been planning on making videos together but his ass is out touring the world. He is in Russia right now I was just texting with him Yesterday.
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3) Go On Instagram and Twitter and go to pages that rappers follow.

Such as companies that do marketing for rappers or pages that help upcoming artists. Go to the list of people who are following these pages and DM the people 1 by 1 to check out your beats.
These are ALL upcoming artists. These are also pages I market Smart Rapper too because me and producers have the same audience, Upcoming artists who are serious about their careers.


4) You can pay for ads on sites like Soundclick and Facebook to target rappers who need beats.

You’d be surprised how many DMs I get from people asking me where to get beats from. If you target people on FB with an ad that says ‘Rappers Need Beats?’ you will get a lot more clicks than you expect. Just make sure your beats are hot.


Rob Level

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