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How To Transfer Big Files Through Internet For Free

Sometimes you need to send big files to a friend, family member, artist you are working with or even a mix engineer or producer.

I wanted to write a quick article to show you how to transfer big files through the internet for free using my favorite site for it.

You will see this site come in handy as an artist for things such as:

  1. Transferring Pro Tools Sessions to your mix engineer or producer
  2. Transferring your entire music catalog
  3. Sending Or Receiving music videos or music video files
  4. Receiving huge RAW file photo shoot pictures from your photographer
  5. Any big files that need transfer

Anytime I have to send a session to mixed or mastered I use to send the files over.


How To Transfer Big Files Through Internet For Free

How Transferring Big Files Works

1) You simply go to and you’ll see this box

transferring big files

2) You put who you want to send it to in the top box (up to 20 e-mails) and then put your e-mail in the bottom box. No message is required in the ‘message’ box.

3) You can then drag and drop any files (except EXE files – see below for details) you want (up to 2GB) to send into the browser and they will add into the files section.

4) Hit transfer and the files will start uploading – DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER UNTIL FILES HAVE FINISHED UPLOADING

5) When it’s finished it will tell you the file transfer is complete

6) Your friend(s) will receive an e-mail with a link to the file transfer for free.

wetransfer file send


big file transfers

More Details You Need To Know

It allows you to send up to 2 GB worth of files to any e-mail address.

It hosts the files for a limited amount of time (I think 7 days) and the person you sent them to will receive an e-mail with a link to download the files.


It’s really that easy.


It will tell you when your friend downloads the files which I think is amazing feature.

big file transfer comfirmation


You can also take the download link and share it with anyone else you may have forgotten to send it to.

file transfer deleted


compressing big files

Sending Special Big Files

If you want to send files like exe files or other ones it won’t let you, you just need to compress the file using something like WinRar, WinZip or any type of zipper compression program for Mac Or Windows. Then you can drag and drop the compressed file with all the files in it into WeTransfer and it will send.


wrapping up

I hope this helped you learn How To Transfer Big Files Through Internet For Free. I have been using WeTransfer for years to send super big files like my Pro Tools sessions to my mix and mastering engineer and will continue to.

Find out how to send Pro Tools sessions here.


Rob Level

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