How To Win A Dispute With YouTube’s Content ID System w/ Proof I Just Won

How To Win A Dispute With YouTube’s Content ID System

Chances are that if you are an artist that is releasing songs onto YouTube using other people’s instrumentals, you have had an issue where someone is claiming that you are using their beat for your song.

I have even had this happen on beats that I have actually purchased exclusive rights for.

The YouTube content ID system isn’t human so it just looks for matching audio and then makes the claim for the person who ostensibly owns the rights to the beat.

There are ways to beat this though, especially if you have actually purchased a lease of any sort for your beat.


YouTube content ID system

The YouTube content ID system is a system that YouTube set up to save them time in having to deal with disputes. It’s primarily automated and helps match copyright content with the actual owners of the content.

But because it is a computer, it is going to have some errors. Those errors happen and here I explain to how you can beat them when they hit you with one.

YouTube content ID infographic


YouTube content issues

YouTube Content ID Issues

If you use someone’s beat on YouTube it will probably get hit by YouTube’s content ID program.

People submit songs to Rap Tweaks and I use that song in my videos that I upload to YouTube.

Probably 4 or 5 times now I have had to dispute that I am allowed to use the beat in my videos. You’ll see below I constantly win the disputes and I show you how.

The below picture is how YouTube will send you a notification that a claim has been made against your video.

Simply click ‘View Claim Details’ to dispute it and follow my instructions below.

youtube copyright claim

how to win a youtube dispute

How To Beat A YouTube Content ID Dispute

If you have actually purchased the beat as a lease (basic, premium) or you own the beat, you are actually allowed to use the beat in your YouTube video so you are in the clear.

YouTube will send you an E-mail stating that you

When you click to ‘Dispute’ the copyright charge you will options like this below.

Usually if you’re using another beat makers beat you are going to choose the clicked option below.

youtube content ID options

When you dispute the claim you can state that you purchased the beat as well as show an invoice number from PayPal or wherever else you paid for it just to go above and beyond and convince them that you do have ownership. You’ll see why this is important in the next section.

Also state that you had full permission to use it because you DID purchase it in some manner.

Here’s an example of how to respond to a YouTube Content ID Dispute:

“I have full rights to use this instrumental because I purchased it through Sound Click. The beat maker leases the beats to hundreds of other artist and the person making the claim does not have the right to make the claim they have. Here is the proof of my beat purchase to (beat maker name) – INVOICE NUMBER: NUMBERS”

paypal invoice number

why you will win

Why You Will Win Most Of The Time

When you file a dispute claiming you also own rights to something, the person who filed the claim has to then PROVE they have the rights.

If it’s something small, it’ll be just brushed off and you’ll win the dispute.

The more information you provide, the better.

dispute released

And that wasn’t the firs time I have won a YouTube Content ID Dispute.

dispute win

wrapping up

I’m not 100% sure but I do have a feeling that the more content and subscribers your YouTube channel has, the higher your chances of winning the dispute are.

This is probably because YouTube takes into account that your channel is established and they can ‘Take your word for it’ as opposed to a channel that barely uploads videos or hasn’t uploaded in forever.

You would still have a chance to win your dispute either way but this is another reason to continue growing your YouTube channel.

If you want to know more about the rules of using a leased beat or a FREE rap beat you can see that here.

And if you want to know the differences all the kinds of beat ownership from leases to premium and exclusive check this out.

Rob Level

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