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Album List

1) The Ends – With Andre 3000 on the track
2) Way Back – With Kid Cudi and Swizz Beats on the Track
3) Coordinate – with Blac Youngsta on the Track
4) Through The Late Night – with Kid Cudi on the track
5) Beibs in the Trap – with Nav on the Track
6) SDP Interlude – with Vocals from Cassie
7) Sweet Sweet
8) Outside – With 21 Savage on the Track
9) Goosebumps – with Kendrick Lamar on the Track
10) First Take – with Bryson Tiller on the Track
11) Pick Up the Phone(Ft. Young Thug)
12) Lose – with Vocals from Cassie
13) Guidance – with K. Forest on the Track
14) Wonderful – with Vocals from The Weeknd

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Why I Reviewed

I listen to every new release any major artist like Travi$ Scott may put out. I do this for numerous reasons that you may already know if you have been reading Smart Rapper album reviews for awhile.

It helps me understand where music in the top of the industry is headed, and helps me keep on top of new sounds, and techniques.

I figured as long as I am already listening to these albums… why not do quick reviews of them and just let you know the best tracks on the albums.

Also it helps me bring Smart Rapper readers the new music out.



Not as polished of a sound compared to Travi$ Scott’s last album ‘Rodeo’ but the tracks feel raw in content, and more experimental in style, and techniques.

Lots of high profile Artists are credited on the album including: Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Cassie, and The Weeknd, but are not actual features, with the exception of Young Thug.

Those characteristics give the album more of a mixtape feeling, where Travi$ Scott treated these artists more like collaborations in each song, rather than

“This is a Travis Scott Song, featuring(Insert Artist Here)” which is something a lot of his older songs felt like whenever an artist featured, so that’s a nice change in my opinion.



Coordinate Very Catchy. Melody is very soothing, but still has that “street” sound with the song overall.

Beat is very good, and kind of has a Bay Area sound resonating  inside of it with that subtle, but hard hitting Synth Bass popular in Dj Mustard type Beats, or other West coast/Bay Area sounding beats.

Definitely West Coast accents in the lyrics as well. Easy to remember hook, and easy to sing along to. This is my favorite track on BINTSM


Tracks I Also Liked:


This song has a hard hitting beat, and has a much more rounded hip-hop vibe going on, with that deep south trap influence still very strong in the theme, and song overall

This song features the artist 21 Savage, and that compliments the general concept of the song, and the sound. I could just as easily see a lyrically focused artist hopping on the beat just the same, and having just as great of song come out of it if the artist was in a similar lane as Travi$ Scott.

This is definitely a song you can just bump in the car on a night out with friends, or even that song that just so happens to be on when your homies come over while you’re weighing drugs in the living room or something haha!

Pickup the Phone(Ft. Young Thug)  

This beat is very Young Thug resonate, and he is an excellent choice for Scott to have made for this track.

Really nice party track, like something you’d bump in the background of a house party, or something you have playing in the background while people are having a good time!

Nothing lyrically advanced or special about this track, but Thugger definitely has most of the track to himself, so i’d say the song sounds more like Young Thug ft. Travi$ Scott haha, but otherwise this is a nice party track, and is absolutely a song worth listening to if you’re into either artist!


This track feature vocals by The Weeknd, and he was another excellent choice to collaborate with. You can tell based on the melodies, and just overall production of the track, that The Weeknd played a large part in the composition of the song.

This track is a great ‘female’ track, it’s made for women 100% haha, but of course that is what The Weeknd is all about!

Travi$ Scott does a great job overall on the track, but I think The Weeknd definitely is the highlight of this song. That could end up being in Scott’s favor non the less, just simply because it will attract The Weeknd’s fans to Travi$ Scott, when otherwise they may not have given him time of day. That’s a very powerful technique, and I think it was a great choice. Good track!


Additional Specific Things I Liked In The Album Review:

Through the Late Night Kid Cudi played a nice part of this track. The Hook interpolates from his track ‘Day n Nite’ and give the track a very hypnotic feel.

I could be drunk, and bump this really anywhere and just vibe haha

But Kid Cudi’s verse also interpolates from ‘Day n Nite’ which is a nice addition to the track, and adds to the overall theme of both songs; Things Start in the Morning, then continues on into the night.


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