Tricks To Grow a Fanbase That Everyone Forgot


Tricks To Grow a Fanbase That Everyone Forgot


I know it’s 2019 but you KNOW I’m all about being an artist who is all about his business and making money anywhere you can so you can take that money to invest back into your career. Tricks To Grow a Fanbase That Everyone Forgot 


So today I am going to give you something to think about to make you money as music artist that is free for you to do, easy to do and you probably won’t expect it. 


By the end of the video I’ll show you how you CAN use this to help promote you, boost your sales AND make more money, 


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First let’s start with how many people have cell phones in North America… Uhm… Fucking all of them. Well… around 300 million people according to Google.


And what do all these phones have… RINGTONES.


I know that the idea of selling ringtones may SEEM outdated, but you’re going to be pretty surprised if you keep watching this video because I just found out how to make money from it. 




BILLION… WITH A B! Any rapper who had a hit song was selling around 1 million dollars just from the ringtone and it cost just as much as the whole song did. 






People bought more ringtones than they did albums. 


I think I heard T Pain say he sold 30 Million in ringtones one time. 


This makes me think…. We still all have to choose ringtones for our phone and I’ll be honest… though it may seem douchey… wanna guess what my ringtone is? 


Yeah, it’s my song because my phone rings a lot and it promotes me in public plus I love the song and it reminds me to create more music. 


Now, stick with me here because I am going to tell you how you can use this to make money and at the least make your fans happy and more supportive of you. 


Fans who love your music and especially a certain song of yours probably isn’t thinking about YOU being their ringtone and if they are, they aren’t going to take the time to cut it up into a file to put on their phone. 


Now, Smart Rapper, What I took from all of this was that I am stupid for never even realizing is the MASSIVE POWER of giving your fans something they don’t even realize they probably want.


You just have to show them it exist. Cutting up the best choruses or 4 bars of a verse from you could be a great ringtone.


It’ll take you 10 minutes to do this and here are a few ways you can use those ringtones to help your career.


1) You can upload your ringtones to the iTunes Store and you can tell your fans “I took Your favorite songs of mine and cut them up perfectly into ringtones you can get on Android or iPhone” and people can pay for them to support you.


I’d have them up there just in case because you never know who is looking for your name and buying what. 


2) You can add your ringtone to your website as a FREE DOWNLOAD in the downloads section. Then tell your fans it’s 100% FREE. 


3) You can take this ringtone snippet and anything you sell a T shirt bundle, an autographed CD (yes people still buy those trust me) or anything else you can say “Free Bonus” 10 ringtones straight to your e-mail.


People buying merch from you are the exact people who would probably use your ringtone and it will actually increase sales believe it or not because they are getting MORE value. 


4) You can make a 5 pack of these ringtones and give it as a free download to anyone who signs up to your e-mail list so that people have a reason to sign up.


Now you can e-mail them anytime you have a new song or something new to sell. 


And again every time their plays, it is free marketing for your song. Their friend will ask, what song is that ringtone? Boom, you might gain a new fan. 


Benefit 2 is that they will be reminded of you and your music every time their phone rings. This leads to more streams for you and therefore more money my friend. 


I know this may seem weird to be talking about Ring tones but there are clearly advantages even if only 20% of your fan base is interested. All of these small things add up and I try to think outside of the box to help come up with Smart Ideas that add up for Smart Rappers. 


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