The Undeniable Rapper Tool (How To Put A Beat On-Grid In Seconds)

The Undeniable Rapper Tool (How To Put A Beat On-Grid In Seconds)


First off, if you don’t know what a grid is, it’s for timing. It allows you to see quarters of bars, 16ths of bars, half of bars, and make sure that YOU as a rapper stay on timing. 


Yes, you’ll actually be able to SEE if you are on beat and flowing right. Most rappers don’t even know about this.


The timing grid in your digital audio workstation like Ableton, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools, or Logic helps you preserve and get proper timing for notes, vocal takes, the beat, and selections in Pro Tools


Putting a beat onto a grid is super easy and I’m going to show you step by step in this video. After you have this skill you’ll be able to do it in less than 30 seconds every time. 

And once you know how to set a grid and what it is, you can then use all my new music creation secret videos that allow you to use the grid to get more work done faster and sound like you’re more on beat and ALL that stuff. 


I have a bunch of videos coming out in the VERY near future that will require you to understand and know how to do this simple thing. So if you want to be able to use the secrets I watch platinum songwriters use while we are in recording sessions, you need to watch this video all the way thru and understand how to do this.


It’s super easy, just pay attention for like 3 minutes!


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Ima teach you how it easy this is, right after the intro. 


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I’m going to show you how to do this using the beat from my new song Built LIke This which you just heard in the intro.


What I have here is a brand new fresh Pro Tools session with NOTHING set yet so I can show you how to do all of it. 


First obviously, you’re going to need to bring the beat into your digital audio workstation. Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, Logic or whatever you are using. 


1) Go to the beat you are making a song to. You are going to zoom ALLLL the way in on the beat and cut it right where it begins. Then you are going to drag it to the very beginning of your session. 


2) Make sure you turn on the GRID button Top left.


3) You need to set the tempo before the grid will align properly. 


The tempo is how fast the beat is going in order to match up with the grid. 


So, because we need to set the tempo, obviously we need to to find the tempo. 


So 3 ways you can find the tempo:


1 Your Digital Audio Workstation probably has a tempo finder built in that you can tap to find it. But since Idk what software you are using lets go with option 2 or 3. 


Option 2 you can use a tempo finder on a website like 

Or download a tempo finder app for your phone. 


Option 3 and the easiest: 

You can drag and drop the file into Mixed in Key which tells you the tempo AND the key which saves me time since I make 3 to 5 songs a day. 


4) When you find out the tempo you now take the tempo that you either tapped out or found in a software and you put that right here in pro tools in the tempo section 


5) Now you should see your beat is on the grid. 


Adjust it, you can shift the beat around by holding shift and control on Windows and Adjust the Down beats to the grid if it seems off. 


If it isn’t on the grid then there are 2 possible issues, 1, you have the wrong tempo, 2, you cut the beat in the wrong place to start it out right or 3 the beat maker is screwy and has the beat playing at different tempos which DOES happen believe it or not.


You can simply recheck for the BPM or you can adjust the file in the software to where the drums are hitting on the grid. 


If that seems off then it’s clearly that you have the wrong BPM plugged in. 


Now that you know how to set a grid and what it is, you can now use ALL of my videos in the future here very soon that allow you to use the grid to get more work done faster and sound like you’re more on beat, make super cool creative choices and ALL that stuff. 


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