What If You And Another Rapper Use The Same Beat?

What If You And Another Rapper Use The Same Beat?

What If You And Another Rapper Use The Same Beat

If you are getting your beats off the internet you can expect that other people are making songs to the same beats. This is the major downside to getting beats from the internet.

I used to worry about this too but I eventually realized… who cares. If someone makes a song to the same beat you made a song to it really comes down to who is the better artist.

Who went harder on the song? Whose song came out better? I’ve heard other big rappers use the same beats to songs. For example Chris Webby used the same beat I used for my I do this full time song… so it really comes down to who made a better song and hook.

At the end of the day fans of the artist are getting new music and that matters too.

If you are worried about it for legal reasons or monetizing, don’t worry. If you bought any form of a lease you are allowed to monetize it. Make sure you keep your purchase receipt from paypal or however you paid.

If you want to prevent other people using that same beat you have to buy the exclusive and request that the beat maker removes the beat and even the link and name from his website so no one else can even hear it.





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