Is School In The Way Of Your Music Career?

Is School In The Way Of Your Music Career?

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If you are in High school you have to at least finish that. Everyone feels like high school is holding them back and to be honest, it really is. Our school systems are completely garbage and they aren’t even teaching you the life skills you truly need.

You’re being taught by people who haven’t changed their structure for teaching to match the advances in science and knowledge retention… it’s quite ridiculous.

It’ll catch up in time but changing the entire structure of a nations school system will take another 10-15 years if not more. You just gotta stick it out for now.

Now, if you are in college and your major isn’t related to music and you truly feel passionate about music, why are you in college? Do what you love. I know people with $200,000 degrees that are smart as hell that can’t even get jobs.

This is 2018 not 2004. The world is not the same as it once was. You can garner all the information you need to expand and grow your life from just using Google and looking up to the right people.

If you are in high school, realize you are going to have to stick it out. Or you can talk to your parents about the possibility of getting your GED or being home schooled so you have more time to focus on long term goals like music.

BUt you HAVE to at least get your GED. See if you can’t convince your parents to figure something like that out. Find a way that it would benefit them and also look good for your future.

No matter what though, make sure that you are making a decision that is the best one for your future. I 100% believe education and getting smarter is one of the most important things in life.

I say these things because of how poorly run school systems are. You can learn without a school now so don’t take what I’m saying wrong.

I didn’t name this Smart Rapper because I wanted people to be lazy and dumb haha.


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