What To Rap About If You Haven’t Been Through Much

What To Rap About If You Haven’t Been Through Much

What To Rap About If You Haven’t Been Through Much No one has really lived life by the time they are 14 years old. Sure you have gone through some stuff but you have wayyyyy more life to go through and a lot more to do before you have the craziest experiences of your life.

Best things to rap about. I had an insane childhood before 10 and it gives me a lot of things to verify that I am crazy lol mental institution at 5, being given up for adoption, my dad dying at 7 and my mom giving me up for adoption and then being put in homes. Good things to rap about. I went through A LOT.

But how many songs am I really talking about those specific things in? They may get sprinkled in here and there but they aren’t the thing that is going to help me write a hit song. You know? I am making this video to tell anyone who feels like they haven’t lived life yet that it’s okay. Here’s what you need to do, write and get GOOD at writing what you have currently experienced.

Then get good at writing in general, practice your rhyme patterns, getting good at telling stories and everything else involved with becoming a rapper. These are the best things to rap about! Travis Scott song topics are usually very similar rap ideas. As you live and experience more, you can write about that stuff. Let’s be honest here, are most of your favorite rappers out there or really… the big rappers right now talking about anything more than just getting girls, cars money and drugs?

They are sheer proof that it’s not all about life experiences because that stuff can be talked about by anyone. None of that is special. Yet people like it. You can make songs about anything you want and then in addition to that you can also make songs about your life as you live it.

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