Why The Suicide Boys REFUSED To Sell Their Soul To The Industry

Why The Suicide Boys REFUSED To Sell Their Soul To The Industry

And they are losing this $20,000 by choice. 

This is something I found really interesting that I took to heart that I want you all to really think about for the future especially when you are packing out shows that are making more than $100,000 in a night. 

My boy Chris is my tour manager and he is good friends with The Suicide Boys manager who also used to manage Chris Webby. 

We got invited to go to this show where Lil Gnar And Rubi from the Suicide boys and Fat Nick and all them were and we were backstage. I asked my tour manager Chris how much he was getting for this show and he said IDK but he isn’t exactly worried about money.

I was like word… and he told me man they are making over $100,000 a show packing places out…. My eyeballs almost popped out of my head. What the FUCK! 

I didn’t even realize the Suicide boys were THAT BIG. COT DAMN! 

So then I asked is that including merch and meet and greets and all that. Then he said, they refuse to do meet and greets because they are so tired after the show they already make so much money it’s not worth the time.

If you’re a big artist you can sell a meet and greet for like $100 where the person walks up, you talk to them for 1 minute and take a picture and they go about their jolly way. 

I’m always thinking business, so I’m thinking If I’m them…. I can put an extra $20,000 in my pocket per show that’s $600,000 on a 30 show tour right just off of meet and greets with 100 people. Then Chris made a really good ass point to me that I hadn’t really thought about. 

After they perform for an hour to an hour and a half doing a meet and greet is too time consuming. And I’m just thinking for $20,000 a show how time consuming could it be that it wouldn’t be worth it… Then he simply said this…

Well, you spend about 1 minute with each person who pays for the meet and greet…. 500 people want to buy the meet and greet but even if 100 people buy the meet and greet they are spending AT LEAST 100 minutes total after a show just taking pictures 

That’s an extra 1 hour and 40 minutes after they are already exhausted from putting all their energy into a live show. 

And you would think as I’m sure they have considered it, is to limit the amount of meet and greet wristbands available to like 30 to 50 meet and greets but you would sell them for $300.

But if someone is paying $300 they are a super fan and they really want to talk to you so they are going to want more than 3 minutes with you and it actually makes it worse. 

These guys are killing it congratulations to them. When you can just turn down $20,000 per show…. That’s a goal right there. 

By the Ruby was a super nice guy. So don’t let anybody tell you any different about him. 

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