A Full List Of The Worst Rapper Names Of All Time

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These are easily the worst rapper names of all time.

Every time I jump to any part of the list I just start cracking up thinking about how this person didn’t consider a moment like this (where I create a list of the worst rapper names ever) would happen sometime down the line.

Honestly a bunch of the worst rapper names had my face like thisfunny rapper names

I’d like to point out that just because they have one of the worst rapper names ever doesn’t mean that they are not talented artist. Many of these artist are actually great.

This article is just to point out the worst rapper names and nothing more. Please don’t be offended if your great uncle is mentioned in this article.

I’d also like to point out that a majority of these names came from 1) Research and 2) A question that I asked to my enormous Smart Rapper mailing list.

That being said, this list of the worst rapper names was mostly created by public opinion.

terrible rap namesworst rapper names on earth

As you read this list of the worst rapper names ever I want you to imagine you are about to battle the person. I want you to imagine the announcer of the battle screaming their name at the top of their lungs. LMFAO

terrible rap namesthe absolute worst rap namesThe Worst Rapper Names On Earth

Krispy Kreme
Sweet G
Special Ed
Special K
Krumb Snatcha
Crunchy Black
MC Pooh
Worst rapper names on earthFruitkwon
Lil poopy
Lil ugly man
Peewee Longway
Jungle Pussy
Tea Bag Boyz <— LMAO
Sugar Tongue Slim
Pooh Man
Peanut Butter Wolf
Shorty shit stain
Young Nudy
Scoob Luva
Slim Jesus
Tity Boi
Mr. Cheeks
Bowlegged Lou
Pudgee the Fat Bastard
Deep Throat Thug

bad rap namesterrible rap namesMore of the worst rap namesMore Of The Worst Rapper Names Ever

Kirko Bangz
Eazy Mac
Waka Flocka Flame
Vanilla Ice
Sweet T
Shooga Bear
Sugar Free
Scrap Luva
Lil Bow Wow
Milk Dee
Lonnie Love
Herbie Love Bug
Professor X
Rich Boy
Baby Girl
Da Bush Babees
Kid N’ Play
The Fat Boys
Kool G Rap
Dimples D
Bang ’Em Smurf
Lil Sexy
Sasquatch Josh

the baddest rapper namesterrible rap namesmore bad rapper names

Even More Of The Worst Rapper Names

Kurious Jorge
Ant Banks
Charlie Brown
Humpty Hump
Big Daddy Kane
Buddha Monk
Casey Veggies
City Spud
Too Short
Trugoy the Dove
Common Sense
Just Four
Rappermatical 5
Little Brother
Parental Advisory
Pookey Blow

Bad names for rappersworst rapper nameswrapping up

If you think I missed any of the worst rapper names of all time feel free to comment below and I’ll possibly add them to the list.

You might not even believe some of these are real because they are seriously some of the worst rapper names….. but unfortunately they are real.

Be smart and think before you choose your rapper name.

Check out this article to help you decide.


If Lil Poopy introduced himself as Lil Poopy…. I don’t think I could help myself from laughing. It’s more funny to thing it’ll go from the worst rapper name to being Big Poopy one day.

I literally just LOLd as I typed that. I’m dying. Dead. Article over.

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