If you are using a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) such as ASCAP or BMI, you are losing out on money without recruiting Songtrust to collect your due royalties.

To be clear, PRO’s are absolutely necessary for an artist’s career, but pairing them with Songtrust is crucial in ensuring you receive 100% of the royalties you’ve earned.

Songtrust does not replace PRO’s, but rather supplements them and fills in the gaps in PROs’ royalty collection.

Allow me to educate you on why you as a recording artist NEED to be using Songtrust. Once you have read this article, sign up TODAY using our promo code SMARTRAPPER at or by visiting for 20% OFF your one-time setup fee.

Complete transparency

Songtrust is typically $100 to start, but with our code, that’s only a one-time $80 fee that you will make back in royalties in no time!

What Is Songtrust?

Songtrust is a global digital rights management platform. They collect money from all the places PRO’s struggle to, which is why it is so important to pair the two together when collecting royalties.

Songtrust does not collect money on the front-end of each submission. Therefore, you don’t pay Songtrust until you have made money on the backend. Of that money, they take 15%. You still pocket 85% of the money you would have never seen without their services. You make $100, they only take $15. It is a no-brainer, not to mention, you’ve made your one-time setup fee back just like that!

Songtrust does not take money from you until you make money with their services. You are losing money the further you go in your career without Songtrust.

Let Us Help You Get Your Money!

Before we go any further into the many great benefits and qualities of Songtrust, let me remind you that if you use this link or go to and use our promo code SMARTRAPPER, you will receive 20% off your one-time setup fee!


Songtrust’s registration system is FAST and SIMPLE. All you do is type in the title of the song, all of the artists’ names, the percentage of ownership each artist is entitled to, and the song lyrics.

I advise you to also add the song recording to make it easier for Songtrust to do its job. Providing the audio fingerprint of the song via Soundcloud or Spotify link will enable Songtrust to identify your song ANYWHERE, thus guaranteeing they will not overlook anything. It’s the same technology that the popular app Shazam uses to identify which song is playing, except this technology is used to make you money.

Again, just simply using ASCAP, BMI, or any other PRO will not yield your full royalty benefits, and you are not fully exercising your rights as a musician. PRO’s are not very good at collecting money in royalties, especially internationally, and this is money that is rightfully YOURS.

What Else?

PRO’s take money off the front-end AND backend of each release, only consider royalties made in the US, and only pay out about twice a year.

Songtrust only takes money off the backend, tracks royalties made globally, and pays out twice as frequently.

Before you even FINISH this article, you should be signing up by going to or and using our discount code SMARTRAPPER for 20% OFF your one-time setup fee.

National vs. Global Royalties

The royalties you earn are reported to you by Songtrust via graphs, charts, and other visual representations so that you know exactly where your money is coming from. This data also provides the added benefit of being able to tailor your marketing and better build your fanbase.

If you have any fans streaming your music outside of the US, and you are only using ASCAP or BMI, you are leaving money on the table and walking away. If you are considering just sticking with your current PRO and not pairing it with the services of, again, you are voluntarily leaving money on the table and walking away.

Even if you only make $50 a month…that’s still $50 toward your career each month – promo money, studio equipment, music videos, etc. Even money toward your clothing style or, if nothing else, food.

3 MORE Great Things About Songtrust

  1. Their customer service is FANTASTIC. You have any questions or concerns, Songtrust gets back to you within a week. ASCAP or BMI can take three months or longer (understandably so with their large volume of requests) to tend to you.
  2. Songtrust has a YouTube monitoring feature that collects content ID. This way, you can collect your royalties when songs of yours are used on the platform. ASCAP alone does not provide this service.
  3. They allow you to control your own sync rights and only collect the backend royalty from your sync licensing.

What Are Sync Rights?

Synchronization Rights (or sync rights) refer to the right to use your music as a soundtrack in time relations with visual elements in film, television, commercials, video games, or other audio-visual production. In other words, when they “sync” your music to visual images.

Songtrust tracks sync placements made after you sign up, and does not take exclusive sync rights, meaning you can procure your sync licensing as you see fit and keep 100% of any upfront negotiation fees.

Once royalties are generated from the use of your music, then takes their 15% and distributes remaining royalties to artists.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up TODAY to receive your 20% OFF discount when you use our promo code SMARTRAPPER at, or to make it even easier for you, visit and the promo code will already be applied.

Songtrust is ready to find the royalties that PRO’s are not, and give you the money that is rightfully yours. We at Smart Rapper are here to ensure you are making the right decisions for your career, and today, we are doing so by introducing you to our friends over at

Keep hustling. I’ll see you at the top.

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