The Affect Of The Zeigarnik Effect On A Rapper’s BRAIN

First, let me explain what the Zeigarnik Effect is.

The Zeigarnik Effect is a psychological phenomenon describing a tendency to remember interrupted or incomplete tasks or events more easily than tasks that have been completed. This phenomenon was first noticed in the early 1900s and has been reproduced in several studies.

The Zeigarnik Effect states that people remember incomplete or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks.

I realized this is why I can remember hundreds and hundreds of melodies from all of my incomplete songs. And I mean even song from as far back as 2010 that I made.

If I look at the name of the song folder I can immediately recall the primary hook melody for the song. I always felt special for that, but maybe not.

Yet, if you ask for me the hook of a song I made on my fourth mixtape, even my favorites, I cannot immediately recall the hook.

Why? Well, it might be 1 of these 3 reasons. Take a guess.

Because I have terrible memory?

Because the hook isn’t that memorable, and I suck?

Or because these songs have been completed and my brain put it aside to focus on incomplete songs?

I doubt it’s the memory because I can recall 10 years of the older song melodies.

I doubt it’s that the songs suck because some of the ones I can’t remember very quickly have millions of streams across everything.

So its gotta be number 3.

I found this very interesting.

So you’re thinking, “Rob…tell me how can I use this in my music?”

The Zeigarnik Effect In Music

Well look, this is how you STOP procrastination and start making more music. It’s also a good reason to make more song ideas.

When you make a song, aren’t you excited about that song for at least the next couple days?

I know I am. And it’s because you have started creating something.

But…if you already finished the song, you’re happy for yourself but it’s not the same kind of excitement. When I finish a song, I am ready to move to the next one.

But again…. an unfinished one, I’m excited about it. I’m excited to work on it, I’m excited to hear how it sounds recorded.

This means… all you have to do to use the Zeigarnik Effect is at least start on a song and get it to a point where you have something memorable about it.

Whether that’s a great verse or a great melody you like; if you do this, there’s a higher chance your mind will help give you the motivation to finish it.

Even if you don’t finish it, you have now added another song to your catalog of music.

If you have been a long time viewer of these videos, you know I have always taught the principle of just do it for 5 minutes.

Just Do It For 5 Minutes

If you tell yourself you are going to start on music for just 5 minutes and that if you don’t feel like continuing after the 5 minutes you’ll stop.

The thing here is that 95% of the time, you simply continue working on whatever you are doing. This is because the hardest part… is just getting started.

I want you to start using this even for just 2 minutes. It is all about getting started and then letting the Zeigarnik Effect come into play to help motivate you to finish it.

There you have it. Try this, and let me know your results by DMing me on Instagram @Rob_Level or by messaging me on

Give me a follow on both. I tend to check messages once a week.

Check out this article to learn more about the Zeigarnik Effect.

Keep hustlin’ gang, I’ll see you at the top.

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