The Smart Way To Decide Which Song Is The New Single From Your Album

How to know if you have a hit songHow To Choose Your Album Single

Which Song Is Truly That New Single From Your New Rap Mixtape Or Album?

how to choose my first albums single

new album single choiceI know I know! This one seems pretty obvious right?

But the thing is that sometimes you have a ton of songs you like and you can’t decide which one is the VERY best. Right? I mean, you are probably making so many good songs now that you have been learning all of this stuff from Smart Rapper that you are just overwhelmed by all of the great songs!

Especially if you went and got my Chorus writing course that teaches you how to make 20+ songs a day.

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how to choose my albums singlehaving a hit single for a rapper

The advantages of a single are endless if you have a SOLID single. Well at least 3-6 months endless. Then you need another one!

The right single can gain you serious momentum in your entire career and gain attention to all of your other music projects you have released.

That means more money from iTunes sales and more money from Adsense on your YouTube videos.


choosing a single for a albumhow do I know if my song is a hit song

choosing my new album singleIt’s a simple mindset to have when approaching this… you simply ask yourself

“Which of these songs would I show my favorite rapper first?”

“Which of these songs would I show a record label A and R first?”


“Which of these songs would I show someone who asked to hear my music, first?”


Chances are that 2 of the 3 will have the same answer if not all 3. That my friend, is your new single from your album. You just covered the 3 main people you want to show your music too. How could that not be your single?



Then you can always have the additional mindset of choosing which songs to truly keep on your rap mixtape and or album by asking yourself the question I showed you here:


deciding which song is my single from my albumwrapping up

That was a super quick read but it definitely should have helped you in choosing which song of all those great songs you have made is the most single worthy.


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How To Choose Your Album Singlerapper dream helper

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