What Is A Perfect Rhyme?

rapping-perfect-rhymewhat is a perfect rhyme

What Is A Perfect Rhyme?

what is a perfect rhymewhat-is-a-perfect-rhyme

We are going back to basics here but I want to provide every single solitary type of information on learning to rap on Smart Rapper.

That is going to have to include the most basic thing such as “What is a perfect rhyme”


A perfect rhyme is the easiest and simplest form of rhyme.

Basically… it’s when one word has the exact same ending as another word.

Yea.. it’s cat in the hat simple.


Here are some examples of a perfect rhyme:


Fat – Bat – Mat – Rat – Scat – Flat | All the rhyming words end in the same sound “-at”


Big – Wig – Fig – Jig – Dig | All the rhyming words end in the same sound “-ig”


Rap – Sap – Nap – Lap – Chap – Clap | All the rhyming words end in the same sound “-ap”



I try to tell upcoming rappers to try to stay away from simple rhyming like this when writing verses or lyrics in general.

Of course there are occasions when you WILL use perfect rhyme to get a point across but I recommend you try your best to try to do more than just perfect rhyme.


I mean… refrain from saying something like:

“The house with really small
But the trees in front were really tall”


Instead, AT LEAST try to use some internal rhymes or other tools in the Emcee tool belt.


I’d give an example here but I am sticking to the basics in each article in this section so no one gets too confused.

This section is for beginners and I want you to take in everything one step at a time so you grow faster.

There is another article on Internal Rhyme and other tools for your rap tool belt in the beginner’s section of Smart Rapper.


If you’re interested in learning how to write like a monster and get an inside look at my writing sessions in the studio you can check out the How To Write Lyrics course.


– Level 3

Author: Rob Level

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