How To Find Your Message And Voice As An Artist

How To Find Your Message And Voice As An Artist


This is going to be a VERY informative video that could change the direction and path of your entire music career. So please listen and take in this stuff that will really make you think and help YOU develop as a music artist STARTING AS SOON AS THIS VIDEO IS FINISHED.

You have to find YOUR Message and VOICE.

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Let’s talk about why
When you have a message as a rapper, or something to really say and a purpose and reason behind the music, it is going to help your music.

Because as you create, you are going to create with SOMETHING TO SAY, the listener can hear you have something to say and you are going to gain fans behind YOUR MESSAGE as well as your music being good.

NOW, when you combine that message along with having a great vocie and style youre going to be able to gain fans at a super fast pace as you get your music heard more and more.

First let’s talk about how to find that message.

It took me a very long time to find my message as an artist.
Eventually, if you are always on the look out you will find your message. And when I say message I mean what you stand for. Who you are as an artist and what you want your message to say to people.

This doesn’t always have to be a GOOD MESSAGE. Some rappers are only about selling drugs, being street and shooting people.
Look what usually happens to those artists though compared to artists with messages.

Look at artists like Tupac or Kendrick Lamar. Look at their cultural impact because they have MESSAGES and actually stood for something with their music. Look at how iconic they are and how they are going down in history.

Compare that to the 1 hit wonder artists who never really said anything or had anything to say except LOOK I CAN MAKE A SONG THAT ACCIDENTALLY BLEW UP.

You keep more fans when you actually have a message.

My message that I had been talking about since my 1st mixtape before I even knew or understood I had a message is that we all go through real struggles and no matter what we go thru, we can all beat our demons and become something greater.

I had no parents, was in behavior homes, behavior schools, lived in homeless shelters after high school, flop and trap houses, I caught 2 felony charges at 19 for breaking into a house and beating the shit out of 2 guys who talked shit about me and then at 23 I got caught for another felony charge shit. To be clear all of these felonies were dropped to misdemeanors but some were non expungable which means they never come off my record EVER. I was sentenced to YEARS of court ordered anger management that I had to pay for.

The whole time I had no one helping or supporting me and I worked over 30 day jobs in my life just trying to stay afloat. I’ve been through A LOT and now that I understand MY MESSAGE and what I want to say, I can present that in the music and let people know, I’ve been there with you man, I’m not JUST another person rapping. I’m one of YOU.

Next you need a VOICE, and when I say VOICE it also goes along with the message in a way.

But really it’s the literal meaning of VOICE. You need to have a UNIQUE sound so your message can stand out from the crowd. No one can hear your message if you don’t have the VOICE. The voice is what makes people pay attention to the message.

You have to spend time developing your voice for your music.
Now this only comes with practice, I’m sorry to tell you. There is NO WAY AROUND THIS.

But what you can do is purposefully be looking for that voice, testing certain voices and styles that would work best for YOU and YOUR message or brand.


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