The 5 Terrifying Reasons NOT To Drop Music Too Often

The 5 Terrifying Reasons NOT To Drop Music Too Often

The 5 Terrifying Reasons NOT To Drop Music Too Often Transcript

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If you haven’t done this already, you’re starting from 0 every time you don’t do this. So if you do not do this, you’re wasting thousands of dollars in marketing.

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You’re wasting so much energy. This will save you a trip and please do this. And I’m showing you how to do this in this video.

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This is a workout erasing this board. Jesus, man. Teaching too much math. What I’m getting in this video, I’m going to tell you why it is a mistake.

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All these terrifying reasons not to release music to often for you procrastinating artists out there. Trust me, I’ve done it. We all done.

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This is going to make you feel a little bit better. Okay? Actually, probably make you feel a lot better. So. Okay, first off, I’m Rob level Okay. Let’s say that you release. A great song Monday and you promote the hell out of it for an entire week. So you release a song every week. Obviously not going to but an example, lets say you drop the song.

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You promote it on blogs, you pay a guy to help you get on Spotify playlists, right? And then you send your songs to all your fans.

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And you’re promoting on Instagram. Ect, ect.

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Week comes and you market it so hard that you have about 1000 views or streams on, you know, your new song.

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That’s really not that bad for the first week, especially if you’re starting off right, But then you release another song the next week, or let’s just say you release a song once a month, okay, what you should probably be doing anyways. And once you start getting going now what happens.

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You have to repeat the same cycle that you did. The first time. Okay, so. Now you drop the song from what? It’s a blog. You get to have your playlist, you send it to.

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All your fans, you promote on Instagram, you do it again over and over again, right? Every time you release a song that’s actually a problem. Here’s why this process constantly repeats, and you’re just trying to get every single new song that you release heard, right?

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So you want you want to get all those new songs heard every time. But the thing is that something that artists need to understand is you need to stop focusing on trying to get streams and views. You need to focus most of your energy more than anything on the amount of followers and the amount of people who join list and.

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Pixel list audiences on YouTube, places where you can track these people. And here is why. If you release a song and you have a re, promote that song, a new song tonight to promote this song that get you to re promoted to every single person that heard your last verse.

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Okay let’s say it was you have a thousand streams last month on a song now is the new month. Now you’ve got to get 1000 streams again because there’s momentum for every song, right?

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Because those people are not going to be notified who like is potentially like your first song to like your second song, unless they’re already following you. Or trying to list for you to sell. And this becomes an endless cycle of promoting every new song just to give a thousand streams, 5000 streams for every single song. So you had a $200 budget, low end budget for the first time. You spent $200. You didn’t really gain any momentum.

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Just get some views on a song if this is all starting from scratch. Isn’t that how you feel every single time you drop a song?

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This the worst, right? But you get a thousand followers. An email list with 1000 followers and text a thousand people, a thousand followers on Instagram that are highly engaged or even, you know, a thousand followers on Spotify, which if you have that congratulations.

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But if you actually had those people on a list, you could drop a song and potentially get half of them, 500, or 1000 of them to hear your music every time, release a song. And that wouldn’t cost you any more ping pong. You see the difference.

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So here’s Thing. I made this video to explain the major importance of focusing on how you can get people to hit that Spotify, followed by what Instagram or Tik Tok or text list, or email list.

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You are not struggling to get right where you started. Every time you release a song. And as an artist myself, trust me. Oh, I get those little butterflies. Oh, I hate that. Go away. Oh, I hate it. I know. Trust me. Now, there’s a few tools you’re going to need to be using in order to collect these people efficiently. And a lot of tools are free.

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Okay, Number one. Number one, care how many times you’ve heard it, man. There’s a reason why you hear people say it so often, and you probably haven’t done it yet, but it’s very vital is having. That email list set up. The email list is massively important

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At the click of a button, every person gets something. You have 10,000 people on there. Click a button, 10,000 people get an email and you sell a t shirt, you send an email to 10,000 people who are fans of yours, and one out of every ten people buy it. You sold a thousand shirts, easily $20,000.

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Is that simple? Do you know this is why you need an email list now in order to attain and acquire these people?

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Say seamless. Number one, I have a free masterclass on how to actually build an email list and how to set it up and stuff like that 100% free. Okay, so you know, actually how to give people an email list to show you how to do all that stuff.

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Okay. Now then the second tool that you’re going to need is a text list. And interestingly, my data my data shows people would actually rather give their phone number than their email. Nowadays. That’s very interesting to me, cause I never would have thought that.

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Okay, there’s a bunch of providers for this too. I can teach you how to do all that stuff too. Let’s keep moving. I don’t want to waste time. All right.

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The next thing you need to be using, which is super easy to actually set up and actually have a video on the channel, how to do audiences. Okay, because basically what this whole video is about is retargeting. You have the ability to capture people who are fans already or even people who are potential fans who already use your stuff.

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Now, an audience is on YouTube and YouTube ads, which I mastered, spent over $300. $300000. I spend over $300 today on those. But the thing is, is with YouTube audiences, what happens is every time you release a song and again there’s a video on the channel goes more deaf. Every time you put a song out, you create a list on YouTube and it’ll keep track of those people for 540 days. So if 10,000 people, you may not be able to see this, but is there anyway 10,000 people hit your music, video it adds all these people into this frickin bucket that you have filled with fans.

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Potential fans. They may be fans, they may not be fans, but thing is, as they have seen your music, you can guarantee they click your music. That means they’re a potential fan. Not everybody subscribes and everybody likes a video, right? But you, those people, there’s a lot of people in that 10,000 people that you work so hard to get that are fans. That’s why an audience on YouTube is so important and it takes less than 30 seconds to set up every time you drop a song.

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I’m serious and it’s free set up, by the way. Okay. Oh, God. Really quick. If you could hit the subscribe button for me, I really appreciate it. Growing this channel allows me to help more artists like you and me so that we can keep getting further, faster together. That’s it. Let’s get back to the video.

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Massively vital. Again, I have videos and show you how to do that on the channel. Or you can take my YouTube ads masterclass and blow your mind. Oh God.

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Next is going to be what’s considered a pixel. All right. Now you may have heard of Facebook pixels, blah, blah, blah, blah. There’s actually Tik-Tok pixels. There’s different pixels, right? But with a Facebook pixel, it’s essentially the same thing here, except what it happens is, is if they go to your website, they go to your you can attach a pixel to your email, a pixel on the text list. It’s actually on the pages where they sign up.

06:08:21 – 06:20:05

If you have a link to have a contact in bio, you have you have a website. If you have a landing page of any sort, you actually able to add a pixel to it. And what happens is it when somebody, anybody hits that page, okay, let’s say 10,000 people hit that page. It’s the amount of people you see that like your link trees that people click. You look the analytics.

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Lets say 10,000 people hit that. But what happens is you set it up. So every time somebody hits, it is going to go forward, is going to send somebody into this bucket where it keeps track of those people. So when you release song, you go out and you can re-target those same those same people, right?

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So imagine 10,000 people hit your music here. And 10,000 people hit your music here. Which I know you are going to do. Now you got 20,000 people you could be target every time you release a song. Yeah.

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And then the last one number five is going to be the one that you already know the deal. But you have to know how to do this properly, and that is get people to actually follow your accounts. And here’s the thing. If you don’t know what a CTA is, okay, I’ll do this like this.

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Use CTAs. Okay. A CTA is really bad handwriting. That’s what it is. A CTA is a call to action. And what that is, is it’s just like this is when you ask somebody to do something because they may not think about it unless you ask, and they may do it If you ask, if you don’t ask what you don’t get none. That’s why its a call to actions. You call them to make the action.

07:29:04 – 07:48:20

Think about this. If I didn’t say, Hey, can you do me a favor? Subscribe man. Did you subscribe? You think about that. How did you feel? You actually thought about subscribing? You were not thinking about it, till I said that. That’s what a call to action is. You were not thinking about subscribing to this guy. Now you’re thinking I might subscribe to this guy. You see that? That’s why that was powerful. That’s why you have to do a call to action and how you do that. So ugly. The Blair Witch Project okay.

07:48:20 – 08:02:05

Now the way that you do a call to action is inside your bio. Instagram, in your video, any video you make, anything. You always say, Follow me or follow at whatever it is. Like my Instagram, Rob_Level. Follow me. That is verified. Okay. See, I gotta ask. You don’t get you put it in the description of your video saying please subscribe.

08:02:05 – 08:21:22

Just these little things calls to actions are essential. Click Now. Do this. If you want people to click your bio. Click my bio. People may not think to do it, but if you ask and they like you they’ll do it. And these are five things that you need to be doing for sure to have the capability.

08:21:22 – 08:45:07

Well, first of all, you need to be doing this so you get those followers and those followers or the people you’re able to retarget organically for free. Right? These are five things you can do for free to gain an audience of people that are going to be able to be retargeted for you to save a tremendous amount of money, a tremendous amount of time, and for you to be able to gain your fan base substantially faster.

08:45:07 – 09:01:21

That’s what I’m talking about in this video. Okay. Don’t forget I have a free masterclass on how to build your email list and to get people to sign up for it 100% free Look, the point is you need to shift your mindset from how many views are getting, how many streams are getting to how many followers you gain, how many people sign up to your lists, people in your audiences. Would you rather have 100,000 followers on everything or only a million views on one song?

09:01:21 – 09:16:21

Obviously right. To be honest with you, like if you really think about it, it may sound absurd, but like you’re better off having like ten or 20,000 real followers as opposed to having 100 million views on a hundred million views. Video But people aren’t following, you know, you are even going back, check new stuff or your next releases. They’re never going to hear it, right? That’s the point you had to build to retarget people.

09:16:21 – 09:33:18

If you keep making good songs and it’s not the easiest thing to get somebody to become a true fan of you. So if they frickin finally go to a list that’s a fan. Okay, so just switch the thought process. Focus on gaining followers, gaining attention, gaining new fans. Okay. Don’t forget free email list right now.

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Alright now, call to action, hit me with a subscribe. Okay, Let me nurture this relationship to show you that I know what I’m talking about. I’m Rob Level. This is Smart Rapper. There’s a reason we’re number one because I’m a music artist just like you, I’ve been in your shoes, these other guys haven’t. Keep hustling gang, and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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