3 Tricks To Stop Using The Same Rap Rhymes Over And Over

3 Tricks To Stop Using The Same Rap Rhymes Over And Over

Kind of hot in here man. Oh it’s hot. What a smart wrap of family. Great question. Today he said I keep using the same rhymes over and over again. How can I avoid doing that when I’m writing my raps. And I have a bunch I used to do the same thing. I’m like why do I keep using words that end with like with like hit like oh you know you start. You like it. Everything just seems we’ve got to go back to the words the private stuff you know the very basic rhymes. I wanted to show you all the tools that I used in order to get better and avoid this being a trap that I fall into when I’m writing because that will slow down your writing progress. And I know that you don’t talk them out even at any level.

Right. So to so that gave you the tools today I’m Rob level this is more Rappard dotcom and you’re going to get smarter. Right after the intro. First off is a fantastic tip let’s say that your end Enron is a word that you’re consciously using over and over again right instead of consistently using that word or trying to find a rhyme for that word. Here’s what you do you take that word whatever the word is that you have. Let’s say that it’s bird OK. You’re going to go to a fifth source such as the source dotcom. OK so saurus we’re going to go to a thesaurus right. But see the word was bird yelling FUCK I keep using words that rhymes with bird right. So don’t do that. OK here’s what happens. I typed Burtin. It’s not the best example but it gave me two other words that gave me foule it gave me again.

Those are two of the words for bird. Let’s do another one let’s say let’s say the word was amazing you kept using the word amazing. Is going to be a list of words that I can now put in place of this word that you can now find a different time for. Right so if the word was blurred now you’re writing bird turd Khurd word I’m saying of surd. Now those Rom’s no longer exist. Should you use those too much right. So take the word and you change it to a different one by going into the source and I’ll say the word was amazing. Okay now. Now you are going to be using Blasi or anything like that. You’re going to go when you’re using what words are are synonyms of this word to replace amazing.

We’re going to replace amazing with one of these words like awesome. Incredible. All right fascinating marvelous. We say okay cool. I don’t want to use amazing I’m now going to do marvelous. Okay so now you can do is you’re going to take marvelous. And then you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to find rhymes for marvelous. There’s not going to be a. Ton of those like there would for amazing but that’s OK. It also changes the way that you sound as most rappers would use. Amazing. Now you’re using marvelous should a plan that out a little bit better. All right arsenic arsonist artfulness. OK is pretty cool right. So you have some words cartilage depending how you stretch out the words but that’s just an example so you have marvelous.

3 Tricks To Stop Using The Same Rap Rhymes Over And Over

Now you can use all these other words instead of having ones that run with amazing EnLink that’s too many. So use a source to find a different word to replace your word that’s a synonym synonym if you don’t want a synonym is a synonym is a word that pretty much means the same thing as the other word. It’s a word that is synonymous. It’s a word that’s also known it’s associated with pretty much with whatever the word is. So you find a different word or use replace it with it and then find rhymes for that word that’ll help you stop using the same rhymes on your words. Right. Makes sense. Now another thing that happens is if you’re running out of words you’re like man I keep running out of words. I don’t even know what words to use.

I only now have this many words in my vocabulary. Well here’s what you do is you go to Google here. All you do is google a random word generator. And I have one that I use that tell you what it is right now click damn you random word generator right. Bam picks right up and actually does a random word generator Tom. I think that is the one I use. It’s not the one I use but all you do is you use a random word generator to do what to generate random words. So if you’re working on something and you get stuck and you like I can’t think of a rhyme scheme what sentence to use Neist or bar or what’s right about the next bar you use a random word generator. You could tell it to pull up eight random words right.

And you could generate words and it generates words. Now it generated just to mention chord Rush episode right. Just random words like I wouldn’t think about any of those words. But now it might make a bar out of the gallery detective island trench laboratory whole. Whole torch grandmother Diamond Slowe supplementary letter. And then if you think until your brain comes up with something like Oh that’s a bar I’ve got some for supplementary because it made me think of a protein powder and then I thought about the jam like that’s a trigger to your brain use a random word generator. This is a massive tool and if you guys have seen my how to write lyrics course I show you how I’ll use this if I ever get stuck. I go back. Here’s some new words BAM.

Here’s some more words BAM. Here’s some more words and then how have rhymes on right next to it hate that because then I’m looking at the screen writing my rhymes and I never get stuck and I never slow down. The whole time I’m writing. Right and you get to see like two 1 hour sessions and me writing just non-stop writing and it doesn’t stop because it’s just like words rhymes words rhyme. Right. OK. OK. Now you never run to options. But if you’re just sitting there writing you’re only going up what you have in your head and your head has the rhymes. But you it the search for them in think of them you have the tools next to you you’re fucking writing you’re just writing and it’s just now you have all these bars and I have all these verses you were making ten times the song.

3 Tricks To Stop Using The Same Rap Rhymes Over And Over

You’re good writing ten times faster which means you’re learning ten times faster. Right. OK. Anyways now the third part of this is you need to learn a word a day okay. And this is very easily coming in where we are today super super simple. You can go to dictionary dot com or Merriam Webster Dot and the I think the diction it is two but they both have email list where you sign up and they’ll send you with the word of the day is every single day to your e-mail. You get a new word and I actually I actually do this and often times I do my Instagram you follow me at Rob level of mine like 270000 or something like that right now. If you actually. Sell people word of the day and often times don’t tell nobody but I give my word of the day for Merriam’s.

I learned the word. I teach it to people. It’s very easy right. A good set. Write your e-mail. You click it. You can click the little voice thing and it will actually say the word for you and then you read the definition a couple of times until you memorize it try to use a sentence. And that’s what I do. I learned the word I use it in a sentence and then I deliver it to my audience of 270000 people. Pretty cool right. So there you go. Let’s go back over that again one if the word makes is not the same word. All too many times use the same word in a thesaurus. So that gives you other options for the word.

There’s also going to expand your your ideas and your ability and learning different words that go with other words that you’re using too much anyway. Right. That’s perfect right. Number two use a random word generator. Right. And number three go ahead and sign up for Merriam Webster’s word of the day. That is fantastic. Don’t forget to do that. Highly recommend that you just became a way smarter rapper and you’re going to wrote ten times faster told tips like this I usually focus on other stuff but somebody asked this one to give this out there right. Appreciate you watch the smart rapper family if you would like him he would subscribe and hit the little bell and you hit it. You get notified every time I released a new video which is every single freaking day of over 500 videos on the channel if you have anything you want to ask.

Ask it in a search on the channel because you’ll probably get an answer and then or ask it below him you would comment for Botsford. You can keep growing. All right. I’m going to show you guys tomorrow with another video but until then check out these other two videos at the end. I appreciate you so much. You have no idea we’re growing so fast. Oh my God. We go. The Ottomar. Here’s some more videos. You should showed this video right here on Machado’s or check out this video below. Good. That’s a pretty good video actually. And don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Hmm you should do the hit scrub button. I think we need video. Come on. I’ll see you tomorrow. Cooking video.

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