Should You Mix Your 1st Few Songs Yourself?

Should You Mix Your 1st Few Songs Yourself?

What up smart rapper family. Fantastic question. Hold on a second now. Oh we love. All right. Here we go. What a small family. Fantastic question should you mix. The first couple songs that you actually make. Should you mix them yourself. Is it complicated. I’m going to answer those questions for you today. I’m Rob level. This is smart rapper dot and you’re going to get smarter. Right after the intro. So first and foremost I want to let you know anything you ever do at first is always complicated. Anything new. When you first start riding a bike you first start driving a car it’s scary. Then it becomes just secondary. Well actually I read a couple books on how the how the brain works with its wiring so you do a certain task long enough actually it actually wires itself into to a point where it just becomes it goes to a secondary wiring like kind of like database where that is now a secondary.

Like how. Now if you drive a car you can drive just like this. When you first start driving you are like whoa oh shit holy shit. Right. And then we get good to drive you like on a promised cruise along when you get to drive driving like man. It’s a shame you and your phones in the news. You shift. And you your coffee or your phone again. Don’t text and drive. It’s just an example. You can multitask because eventually your brain wiring itself to where things become easy. And and this because I don’t want you to be scared of something that seems difficult because it’s always a lot easier than you think it is in this circumstance where you’re thinking oh it’s hard it’s really hard to mix my own stuff.

Right now it’s really not that difficult. I told you guys before you only really need. A cue compressor maybe a limiter and then you adjust the levels and they will give you like a really basic mix and that will be a master. Don’t even really worry about a master. Be good if it was mastered. But if you do it yourself. I want to put this out there. I’m mixed. My first and just makes money mastered. I just mixed my first mixtape on cool let it pro cool pro. I don’t know if I can call it a pro. Two point one and I released that in natual blew up and get to 50000 downloads on dat pay off and got me millions and millions of views and got me a large fanbase that was all uncool that approach with the basic plugins and it’s just like OK.

First of all the settlement overthink this. Yes you can. And you should make your first couple songs to be released. If you really believe in the song you actually took the time and put the work in. Then you mix it yourself it’s not a big deal just just play what they work with they watch a couple of youtube tutorials on how to use any q and equalizer how to use a compressor and how to use a limiter and then you just adjust the levels of your Volke. It sounds like it fits into the beat. It’s really that simple. It’s simple because it’s going to sound simple but it’s not. At least you don’t sound muddy and crazy like not sound that great but if it sounds good enough to release it sounds good to your ear then that’s okay.

And of course is going to sound better if a professional makes it a professional spent 10 years of his life doing that just like you’ll spend ten years your life didn’t get a rabid fan but it is still releasable and it sounds good you be good. So yes you should make your first couple songs. It’s not going to be perfect nothing’s ever really truly perfect but don’t over think that you can do it. It’s like getting on the bike is like driving the car. Just start doing it. Start messing with it and eventually you get pretty good at doing it. Like it’s not really that hard to mix stuff it is it does get typical we are going into how to bus things and doing and doing chains on unplugging and stuff like that and then knowing how to do this and how to run this to this and doing hard work.

Should You Mix Your 1st Few Songs Yourself?

I mean there’s a lot of things involved in that league when it comes down to doing gear and a whole bunch of other stuff but don’t worry about that stuff right now just worry about the basics and you’ll get the hang of it. Yes. Mix the first couple songs you can release those. It’s really easy. I promise you don’t overthink it or write these became a smarter rapper. Hit me with a comment on one of your four bars for the day. Smart rapper family hit me with the like. I really appreciate it because when I get these likes it just feels good I have like tons of likes on the video and lets everybody else know that I’m giving you guys quality content so when they hit the video they go I’ll probably watch it this year.

So I do appreciate the comments every time I see them I feel better. I’m saying that he probably feels good giving him as good karma just doing him a thumbs up and then into it as a scribe new to the Channel. Hit the little bellybuttons because when you hit that subscribe it’s going to notify you every day when I release the new video which is every day so that you could become a smarter rapper. I’ve that’s more questions on the answer. I’m hate guys with that but I’m gonna see you tomorrow till then. Here’s a couple more videos you can check out in the outro that are relevant to this so check those out and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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