What Is The Best Recording Software For Rappers? (Pro Tools, Logic, Fruity Loops?)

Best Recording Software For Rappers

What up smart a family. Fantastic question. And I used to always have a question about this and I got to answer this. Should you use Pro Tools should you use logic should use Ableton should you use Fruity Loops studio should you use. What should you use to record yourself. I’ve got the answer for you. Actually I’m alone in a lot of stuff because you you. Know you probably are the idea you’re part of a lot of misconceptions about the truth about this stuff. I’m going to give you guys the crazy truth and the answers about it right. The interim Rob level this more rapid ICOM we’re going to learn which one to use. Right. The intro. So here’s the thing. Is you think that all the software swimming the better.

Now here’s the thing. You. It doesn’t matter what software you use. It’s all about preference what what are you most comfortable using realistically at the end of the day because I used to think when I get pro tools don’t be so good it would be so much better. It it it didn’t do anything really. Didn’t really change anything for me because what it is you’re still recording the same you into his offer. The software still taking the same quality audio from whatever gear you have the same sound and putting it into the software. Digital Audio Workstation audio is going into the workstation period. So it’s just it’s just about what do you feel comfortable recording and you’re getting protocols is not going makes them any better. You getting a high a high in anything is not going make you sound any better just like buying a ten dollar guitar 10000 dollar guitar is not going to make you a better guitar player is not going to sound better just because if you don’t want to play guitar.

You see them saying like it’s like that’s just how it is. What software are you most comfortable using. That’s what I’m going to tell you to use. Realistically me as I told you guys before my whole first mix tape I mixed it and released it. The one that blew up I did that. On cool let it pro two point one and you’ve never even heard of that. Because nobody uses it because it’s so you know it’s like 20 years old. But I have my hands on it. I cracked it. I used it and I release a project on it because that’s what I was comfortable recording with.

I knew how to set everything up. I mean the files even overlap like they should never even overlap like that the way that they did in that software which you get used to and I was comfortable with it I was comfortable mixing in it I knew how to export to do everything I could do in the software. And I got really good at it and I released a project using it. It was just about me being comfortable what do I use now. If you have a question on that if I now use Pro Tools and also I make beats and Ableton. So it’s like you know. But then my team uses a lot logic. And they also but they make beats and logic but then they mix and proto. So it’s like you can use you can combine it to do a bunch of different things is all about what are you comfortable using because they make beats in logic.

But it’s I have Windows I may be unable to. So it’s like you know like it’s like there’s so many different ways to go about it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and I’m told I’m top tier. Like I’m like I’m in the studio with people that have songwriting credits with everybody. Everybody you know I’m saying let’s work with Kanye West along with Lil Wayne is work his credits with Lenny Kravitz like frikken. You know I’m saying like This is how it works. What are you comfortable with. That’s what it is. That’s what it is at the end of the day. Don’t hold yourself back by thinking I need this software because I used to do the same thing.

Best Recording Software For Rappers

I used the same thing so I because of. This is why I made this change. I’ve been in your shoes thinking that it was going to make a difference does it make it better tell you right out. Do you really think it’s going to make a difference then go buy the ninety nine dollars Scarlett solo or whatever and get the ninety nine dollar pro tools or go get Pro Tools. Go get your hands on approach then okaying and learn how to use it. You know like it’s that simple. Now where this will matter. And don’t think about this too much where this will matter is when you’re in the upper echelon when you are moving up and you’re trying to get your stuff mixed or trying to work with other professionals. You’re going to have to send your session files right to session to somebody right and they’ll mix the session for you.

They have to do that but it makes it easier for you to work between people. That’s actually the initial reason I got Pro Tools. He’s a bro if you get pro tools you can just give me the sessions and then I can I can help mix them for you. And I was like OK cool let let’s move into approach was then for that reason alone that’s why that’s the only reason I moved a Pro Tools. Also I wanted to learn stuff but wanted to learn how to mix better I one them and all that stuff. But that was the primary reason I moved over. But realistically you can take your audio files your vocals your songs from any audio software and you can export them track by track and they can import them into any software as well just so you know.

So it’s like not really a huge deal at the end of the day. Again. Just use what you’re comfortable using OK even if it’s the cheap stuff even if it’s just cakewalk like it doesn’t matter. And lastly if you have any songs that you recorded in your old software right if you’re on like a cheaper software and then you move over to pro tools all you got to do is what I used to do. I have songs in 2008 I’m like this could be wrong. Now we make a beat for this. Or you could just print it out. You export every file right one. It’s very simple. And then you re-import it into Pro Tools or you re-import it in the logic or whatever software that you use.

It’s that simple. You just became a smarter rapper and if you knew. Welcome to the smart rapper family. Hit me with that subscriber real quick. I’m Rob level this rabbit I comedy him like a hippie with four bars of the day right. Got to see you guys give these four bars and it’s so freakin easy him for bars. All right. And then. Go ahead. And I forgot what I was going to say at the end of it. Ah yeah. Tons of stuff. Shit brain fart with my coffee. It was done. So well well. That’s an important guess. Not the whole video. If you were to like him you would Jose did you have any questions ask them below so that I have questions that I can answer for your right. I appreciate your respect jaw thanks for being part of my family I miss you guys tomorrow.

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