5 Reasons Rappers Have To Collab Together (Or Else)

5 Reasons Rappers Have To Collab Together (Or Else)

 Well it’s one to do with wonder do what a smart rapper today actually. More of a family that’s the new thang fizzle bang bang. You like the energy. More fucking level.Your take over the damn world is get this shit happens say something Phyfe unknown benefits to collab with other rappers. I’m talking about this a lot recently because I really want you to get into the mindset of the dude and you’re going to give you those benefits. We can talk about those. I’m not level this small rapper Dom. You’re going to get smarter than that intro. Number one and most people don’t think about this. I didn’t think about this til I wrote the damn article but it’s easier to write a verse for someone else’s song than it is for you to write an entire song on your own. And it still counts as a song released another song under your belt is finished. It’s another song that’s out there working for you gaining fans for you as the other artists was pushing the song right.

It’s just 16 bars. That’s all the work you do. You don’t have to make a chorus of bridge and outro and end drove don’t know three verses not even two verses just one verse. That’s a major benefit to have something else out there working for you. Number two going back a little bit back to what it just said you’re consistently growing off of the other person’s fanbase. When you do a collaboration. If they blow up overnight and people start listening to that song you have with them because that’s just hot. You are going to gain fans you’ll gain fans forever off of that person. If you made a good song with that person then people start to like it. They blow up boom and had a hot song. You are now growing for as long as they are being promoted and they’re also growing off of you.

It’s teamwork now you can Tomek re collaborate again. Hey bro. Hey what’s up man. Work was work a game and people love that other track. Oh yeah cool. Now you pop off palm off again twice to fans on fans and fans let’s move on to number three. Now again let’s get back into the number two but it’s expanding your network. Okay so now you’re connected with this rapper. But you connect with this rapper what happens when one of the rappers doing other rap is doing the same fucking thing. They’re connecting with these rappers and this guy over here you connect with three rappers. Hey hey. Do me a favor. Hey you asked them to do you can you connect us. Oh sure. So now you have one Rappard estimated of 10 rappers your rapper connected to 10 rappers but this rap has got 10 rap not yet 20 rappers.

You could have another rapper get 30 rappers you. All these people they make you connect me with him. I’m work with him. Now you can’t do him. He got 10 rappers. He has this large network of people. Also going back to it. You’re gaining fans of every person you collaborate with expanding your network is massive especially in the early stages. Number 4 of a real benefit offer this as you can get paid for these collabs. It’s all that the business started selling these collaborations. You can reach out to artists who didn’t even know what the fuck you we’re but if you got a fanpage. Hey man people give you 50 bucks to hop on a verse which you want when you do them.

5 Reasons Rappers Have To Collab Together

Why would you do it. You can make money from it. You can make money for it. Reach out to these artists and say hey Manoly meagerness or war there’s going to be a really hot selling one to make some money off of the streams. Whatever you say Heyman will split the streams on this. Hop on your song and then we’ll put it up. We’ll both promote promote the streams on YouTube Spotify and Apple Music must put the money on there. So that’s me. Either way you make money even if it’s not money but look we’ll split it let’s do it. Hop on a song and you last split the money number. Number five and I love this one this is beautiful. Another fantastic reason and another benefit to collaborating with other artists is that you are going to be hopping on beats that you typically would not be getting on.

So this is going to increase your style versatility. You’re going to be getting on the songs that you would never usually like hop on. Yet you know you like this song. I like the way it sounds. You get on it. You have to adapt and mold your style to the song. You’re going to become better as an artist. Every time you do these collaborations there’s all of these major benefits. So what are you guys doing to be collaborating and especially love to see this Mouret family all collaborating with each other on a regular basis and actually the community is willing to allow for that. And then I have. I don’t want to give away this stuff is coming but I got you doesn’t have a lot of opportunity just for being part of smart rapper shit that no one fucking else can ever even can even fuck an offer that is on the internet doing anything like this.

There’s some good dudes out there that are doing great work that have fantastic videos and I really really super respect what they’re doing. But then again they’re not. They’re still doing different things and not like a rapper or just helping teach rappers right. But me I have a lot of open doors and connections and abilities to do things that are gonna help everybody who’s watching these videos. Who’s actually serious about the career I am building a community that’s going to help you launch your career. Like seriously you we’re going to fucking love what is coming and if you see this video after the community you already started.

Go go check out the smart rapper community college is up and running. You need to be part of it. OK we used became a smart rapper him for boss of the day and get your practicing right and then actually after you read this for bars I want to go out and I want you to want you guys to comment below and talk to each other and start learning of the class and collaboration with each other is gonna help you evolve your style. It’s going to expand your network. We all need to be working together anyways. Teamwork K collaboration not competition. Okay you guys from me say collaboration not competition. All right time collaboration not competition. Teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s all work together. OK hit me with it subscribe. And when you scrub hit the little bell because going to notify you every time released a new video so you can become a smarter rapper.

Additionally him with the like. And then I guess yeah that’s it. All right. Thanks for watching. For every family that you get smart with another video. As always there’s over 500 videos on this channel. Now killin it and a new set. Kevin so I get to then check out these other videos I got here. All right don’t read too The like button on.

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