Should You Collab With Rappers You Are Better Than?

Should You Collab With Rappers You Are Better Than?

Collaboration not competition!

Here’s the thing this guy asked should you collaborate with rappers that you feel you’re better than older. That is a very valid question and we’re going to talk about that today. So you can understand who you should collab with who you shouldn’t collab with. And you know just why these things make sense to have a top at a younger smarter right after the intro. Here’s the thing about being a rapper. All right. Number one the number one rule of being a rapper. You automatically feel like you a better rapper and everybody else. It’s the ego of a rapper right. So even you could be. You already feel like you’re better than you ever except to rappers you listen to. And then eventually you get to the point where you go non-veteran Isma’il right here cause you reach that ego level of super rapper like the super rapper ego.

All right here’s what I’m going to say about that. So you could be a smart rapper in the circumstances you should collab with any rapper that has a decent size fanbase. Yeah. Some rappers they suck OK but if they have a decent sized fanbase. Ladies and gentleman probably don’t suck that much. You can think about like that you might think they suck but there is a group of people that don’t think they suck. There’s a reason for that. OK think about that. I try to respect people. For the fact that people respect them. As well look at things like there’s a reason that people respect somebody even if I don’t like that person I’m like there’s got to be a reason.

Somebody respects this person. Let me try to find them so it helps me overcome the wackness level of Rappard I’m like fuck to people like this. Like I really honestly I just don’t get it right. But there’s got to be a there’s gonna be a reason for that. You get it. You have to show respect for that. At least I do that so if you want to overcome a reason for you maybe want to collab with somebody which is like I can’t get over that thing about it. They have a fanbase there’s a reason. Think about collaboration not competition. Three times collaboration not competition.

Collaboration not competition not preach shock because that’s how you’re going to grow. Collaboration

Should You Collab With Rappers You Are Better Than?

Teamwork makes the dream work OK. That’s how you grow. That’s how you grow collaboration. One of the biggest things that I made was like collaborative people are when I do all my stuff that’s going to hinder using a slow you down and find the right people you work with the right people are going to grow and time and fast promise you can help each other grow. Why would you give up the opportunity to gain 50 new fans because your ego is telling you not this dude which is unnecessary anyways. It really truly is the end of the day. Right. So think like that why lose opportunity because your ego’s fuck. How many opportunities I’ve lost the legal fucked me up. Terrible. Get over that shit now. Okay. If they suck if they are not good at all. I’m not tell you collaborate with them if they clearly have not developed their style yet.

They probably don’t have fans. You know what I’m saying. They have not developed a style. You’re like me. I’m not saying collaborate with those people. If it’s clear that they’re not really serious about being a rapper but they say that they rap you will have to really fuck with them. You don’t have to do that because those people are not really rappers. Number one someone who says it’s a rapper but doesn’t have any songs out or someone who says the rapper but doesn’t even actually try is not really a rapper. Somebody who raps that’s it. That’s a hobby. I’m trying to teach you guys how to take it from hobby to. Oh I can fucking do this. Everybody says yes. I can build this.

It may take time but I’m going to believe in myself until everybody else believes in me. I’m going to prove everybody wrong but again chances are if they have fans that are at least decent you collaborate with them gains of 20 fans Géza 50 fans do that ten times Gainsville 500 fans. It’s stupid not to. Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success. That happens a lot of people step on their own toes and you can move with somebody stepping on your toes and if you do it slower you don’t want that. You don’t want be walking in you don’t want to be walking to a swamp. You want to be running straight ahead on a nice golden road going straight to your kingdom where you have an only empire. Okay well you’re the smartest fucking rapper there unless I’m there.

Lastly I want to end on this note for this question. If Eminem asked himself should I collaborate with this rapper that I’m better then. He wouldn’t have any fucking collabs. Think about it it ever would go out of anybody take that into account. You just became a smarter rapper on Rob level. This is smart rapper dotcom but it’s really small Raverty on YouTube. Zaltzman Robert dotcom got Bonta should you go check out and all this shit like that. Him with a like him with four bars of the day. I love seeing that from you guys and girls is actually a lot of girls coming over here. It’s interesting that I respect the shit out of it and get him would subscribe and when you describe hit the little bell because is going to notify you every time releasing new videos or you could become a smarter rapper and release a new video every single day.

Day. Every day. So you guys soon become smarter. All right. So tons of stuff coming community everything crazy read tweets everything back. Take it off and move into a new house. So I’m getting all situated these coming out nice smooth. I miss you guys some more but until then you know I’ve got more videos for you at the end. I’ll check those out and see more of that other video. See you tomorrow from family. Day. Every day.


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