How To Guarantee You Succeed As A Rapper (FIRE!)

How To Guarantee You Succeed As A Rapper (FIRE!)

About a question somebody asked instead. Rather it is. Something that I believe that you should really take into consideration for the longevity of your career. OK I want you to think about this like what is the thing.

That you read for. OK. What made you start rapping why did you start rapping. Is that thing that you that pushed you and drove you to want to be like I want to be rap is that thing something that’s enough that’s going to carry you. Through the years of believing yourself and everybody’s doubting you because it’s going to happen. Is that enough to actually take you to the top. Because the thing about this what is the reason that you. RATH. What do you really want from rapping. Right. What are you.

Are you rapping because you want like the girls and you or you want the money or the prestige or you know you want the cars and you see all these flashy stuff because just so you do realize like throughout the bet that shit right there is a way for the future. Money will not come from this for a long as a minute you can make potentially make a living from it. But to be like oh you will give me and I get this crazy get to. That’s not even like you can get there. But that’s a long ways off. So I don’t want I don’t want that to be the reason that you’re rapping because that’s who’s going to fuck you love is if you think that you want to rap because you want these these materialistic things or you want the females stuff like that.

That’s that mindset. Greed is not going to really build a push. Greed will help you but he’s not going to help you in the long run. So I wanted to go. I wanted to talk to you guys today about. You know what drives you and I want you to really look at yourself and say why am I doing this. And I want you to help yourself.

Find something inside of you that you can pinpoint say this is why right. So when times get hard and you’re like. You’re like wow how am I going to move for. Why would I move forward. Right. I want you to be able to go this is why this is why I do this so you don’t have to second guess yourself because it’s been times where I think there’s been two times in my entire career. Like two times Ross said you know what man maybe three times Ross folk. I’ve worked so hard to get here. If this don’t work I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. But every time I did that and I pushed through. Something happened. To me Pushtu I know for a fucking fact like karma energy vibe whatever you want to call it. If you keep working.

How To Guarantee You Succeed As A Rapper

If you just keep working past the point where you really feel like fuck I cannot even do this anymore. I am so done. But then you just you just keep working just a little bit more a little push. Something happens I’m telling you every time. Even at times when I am working and in a day and I’m like I’ve already like 10 hours and I’m like Man fuck. I’m done for the day but then I say no no no no keep working cause something good something doesn’t happen something that you’re looking for all day that you did not accomplish is going to happen if you were five more minutes out EVERY FUCKING TIME I’m selling. And that’s the thing with I guess that’s I feel like that the energy of always going above and beyond and just leaves just pushing yourself a little further giving yourself that little that little slight edge over somebody else the other guy who didn’t work for 5 minutes and then it’s like the universe rewards you right.

It’s just your reward. You knew you were gorgeous self anyones guilty to have all this stuff. They were here. I want to go with you guys. I want to tell you the story of what I read. So maybe you could find something in yourself that similar to why you read. Like what. Like how did I get good at rapping like have the ability to do anything and believe myself to go further. So realistically moods real quick wrap up of why. Why I actually rap okay when my mom. My mom gave me up for adoption. My dad died. I was adopted. They put me into. I got put put normal school second grade I broke my teacher’s leg. I broke my babysitter’s had open or ran away from daycare centers they put me in homes and then I got out of the homes and I got put back on them and I got out of the home.

My mom thought Oh I I’m back. He’s he’s healthy now mentally healthy he’s OK not crazy or whatever. I’m always. You look a bit crazy. But I love it. It had to be. So if she was being crazy to be yourself you know just do what you want with it. So now my mom gets me back and my mom puts me in and it’s in an insane asylum. By the end of the summer she thinks I’m crazy. And my aunt has to my aunt who adopted me has to come get me. And then she got kicked out of the Army because of that. And then when we moved back to South Side Chicago where I’m from. Right. And then none of the schools will accept me in a whole state.

So I go to a behavior school. Right. So the schools where you get kicked out of school and you go into like the caps program if you get kicked out of school you go to my school was the last chance school mostly for the gang kids and Southside Chicago. Well guess what. I’m the only fucking white kid in this entire fucking school get my ass whipped every fucking day until I learn how to fight. And the easiest way for me to start fighting back was when I started seeing other kids battle rap. Okay so are the other kids about a rabbit. Okay I remember the first punchline ever fucking heard another kid say in the middle of a battle. There’s three black kids in the school. I’m the only fucking white kid and I see this battle happening because I don’t want to offend myself so much you know. And.

I realize in this moment when this kids talk and shit to this other kid and then he’s like he’s like I put the red dot on your nose like room go off and I’m like oh shit. Now the waiting for them to start fighting because he’s talking shit. I’m. Like. Wayne. If you Rath. You could talk shit to each other because don’t get my ass daughter time. I’m fighting back I’m beating up some kids will they get me right. I’m like wait i can talk shit. This is how and when this is and when I can when I can talk shit and get away with it when we don’t have to fight. So I’ve got so good at this. That’s the day I would start writing immediately. And that’s when I started rapping. Because I started rapping to protect myself and my environment.

How To Guarantee You Succeed As A Rapper

To be able to gain the respect and also save myself from having that type of struggle right. So my. Reason for rapping was survival. Okay this is what I’m trying to say. That’s why I got good because if I didn’t get good I would have kept getting my ass whooped. Of course it got better fighting it got really good at fighting to get my ass kicked all the time but doing this completely separated that and then only had to fight because people wanted me rep. And. That feeling like the crazy because the emotion that you get when you win a battle. And people are cheering you on and they use the same kids will just fight you last week. You know like that shit is what keeps me going because I remembered feeling. The respect and respect that I get from that and it took me a long time to get good.

But even in the beginning stages people. The same kids that would get in fights with all the time were like damn at least he’s trying they make funny dollars and make fun of you first. But eventually again he’s getting good like that was last night last week now laughing isn’t killing me other dude. Like no I’m just saying that’s like that was with a grain. The fact of like I have to work hard for this enemy. Okay and I want you to find. That you. I want you to find why. What is the real reason for you rapping. You just rapping because because of women and shit it does not a reason to rap. That’s a benefit of becoming successful rapper. Right. But what is the real reason you do it for your mom.

Do you do it for your sister. Do you do because you want to change the world like that. Now obviously things have evolved but that was the thing that gave me the ability. Deep down. I’m going to push until I get really fucking good because you need something in you that’s going to be like I’m going to push every fucking day until I get good because it takes a long time to get it right. And then you need something to keep on kicking you in the ass and then your motives can change later but you need something to get you through those first couple of years. And I want you to think what is that. What is your real reason for rapping. Why the fuck do you rap. I don’t want you to tell me it’s abi.

I know for a lot of people it is because when I started it was a hobby. It was like it’s a hobby because you are doing you know thinking I’m going to be a superstar rapper because you want a rap. Right. But. There’s more to it because some really keep going too big to not only get good but then be like OK now I’m going to go work for day jobs at the same time to save money to get a microphone. OK. And they didn’t get a preamp and then I’m going to teach myself how to mix music and then I’m going to teach myself how to market my music. This shit takes all long time and if you don’t have that reasoning. For why you want to do this. Or the fuel for at least a few first couple of years until you find the reason that your chances of failure are much higher.

OK. So I want you to think about that right. I really want you to sit down think about that. Go right go write it down or write Veilleux honestly. Like what is your reason for rapping. What is going to carry you through those struggles to get good. And I mean good I’m not talking about I’m some really good like but it’s not. I was like I’m on a field of battle rap right. I was. Now I’m up there. Consistently just boom boom when it came to serious shit. It was unstoppable. Right. But what’s going to carry you through it. What’s going to do that. Well you’re fucking good and you can just destroy it you just walk up to something about Viola’s battle bitch or bow.

Check out music man. So good news. Hey man here’s the here’s the here’s the here’s the box casting call. Here’s the thumb drive with my music on the man. I’m so high and you know you’re good because you just because you work G ass off for years to get to that level. What’s going to drive you think about that okay. Or there’s a little rant. I felt like it was really necessary to get that out there like what’s your reason. That’s it.

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