5 Reasons Rappers NEED To Learn Pro Tools

5 Reasons Rappers NEED To Learn Pro Tools

OK. What’s up SmartRapper family, today we’re talking about another good one, four reasons why you actually need to learn how to make your own music or at least know how to use a professional digital audio workstation like pro tools or logic. And it has a lot of benefits that are actually going to make you a better rapper and we’re going to go over those today. I’m Rob level this small rapper dot com and you’re going to get smarter after the intro. Well number one if you already know how to use the digital audio workstation if you want to use pro tools or logic or even how you record yourself in general this means that you’re gonna be recording yourself a lot more often. Right so you don’t need a friend studio you don’t have to go off to somebody else’s studio and pay him money or spend his time to get it or have to convince him to let you record instead.

You can walk right into your house. Set up your microphone record yourself and what this is going to do. It means you can get better faster because you’re recording yourself more after you don’t have to wait to go to the studio to practice already at the studio when you wake up roll out of bed bam you’re in your studio recording yourself getting better every single day that you were laying down something want to record a song. Turn on the microphone record you don’t have to set it up or go somewhere else screw that. Right. That’s number one. Number two and more importantly the number one of just as important is you’ll understand how to find your unique voice how you sound tracks how to change your voice how to start layering vocals that are sort of layering them in and putting them down inside of a recorded song.

So you actually build your style faster. Right. So there’s two two reasons that you’re going to build everything much faster you have more opportunity to record yourself and you’re going to find your voice your style and your flow faster because you have the ability to record yourself and your own home. It’s a massive massive benefit. Number three if you have your own home studio and you know how to use a digital audio workstation like pro tools or logic and you know basically how to at least two basic mixes. Number one this is super super impressive. Other people go Hey I makes my own stuff that’s impressive for anybody that understands that that’s actually somebody else’s job.

5 Reasons Rappers NEED To Learn Pro Tools

You make your own stuff and it sounds at least decent. You can release it way you can release more songs more often. B It’s impressive when you get to tell the people that and see if anyone send you something you could mix it up you can make some money off of that. Or you can mix a track for a collaboration you want to send it off to somebody else. That’s a major benefit of knowing how to use pro tools or another digital audio workstation and just having basic mixing skills. This is I mean the thing is if you’re going to be using Pro Tools that you obviously have that you’re going to have these basic skills after a little bit of time to get used to using the EQM using the compressors. That makes my voice sound better. I like it when I’m recorded on this track with these settings.

So after you get the hang of it which doesn’t take that long you’re good to go number four if you already have the skills you were able to tell a mix engineer if you ever do actually send it off to get make it or you’re in a studio assistant engineering the person who’s mixing imagining your song you would tell them exactly what you want to change in a more technical manner instead of being like this too low. You can actually you’ll actually understand what it is you’re like oh I want to turn it down and the five k range on the E Q because I feel like that’s a little bit too high. That’s a lot more technical and it’ll also helps you describe what you feel like the problem is to the mix engineer right because you’ll be like I know what what the problem is because I was in there handling that and this needs to be turned down or you need to give them notes prior to it being mixed but like hey it’s a little high over here so we change this a little bit or you keep it down over here because I don’t want that to drop on my vocals or to be too muddy in this in a section or area.

So having this type of skill set of just doing basic mixing knowledge because you know how to use the digital audio workstation is massively massively beneficial when it comes to that and the time probably is an income where you’re more focused on being a rapper as opposed to wanting to make your own stuff eventually reach a level where you know someone else to do this who is way better at this because I’m not a mix engineer not a mastering engineer.

5 Reasons Rappers NEED To Learn Pro Tools

I could do a decent job but I’d rather give it to somebody else who’s been doing this for 10 or 15 years because when they mix the mastering it blows mine makes a master out of the water. And bonus tip number five you are going to have the ability to export a professional session that you can then simply send off to the mixing and mastering engineer. Because if you don’t know how to do these things you’re not going to be able to do that right so if you learn how to use prose rules or logic which is primarily the ones primarily used by mixing mastering engineers you are going to be able to just go click export save session as zip it and then send it off to them they can open it just makes it from there with their own settings they set everything up and then mix it.

They mix it but if not you’re going to track out everything track by track and then send it off that can really be a hassle you don’t want to have to worry about that so there’s so many benefits I really highly recommend that. Did you guys go out there and you either get used to it. I’ve talked about this for it’s really about whatever you’re comfortable with but if you do move up and you go ahead and you use something like pro tools or logic you have. It’s more or more widely used especially in bigger studios and professionals use these. So you want to use these if you make the leap into using them in your ear going to seem more professional to people and you’re also going to feel more professional when you’re working in them.

But at the end of the day does come out of whatever you’re comfortable with if you’re not ready for that. Keep working on your music in whatever you’re working on your music with. Right. But if you’re at that level go and make that step up you just became a smarter rapper. I’m not level this smart rapper Dom hippie would like me with your for var him with that comment and if you have any questions ask your questions below and I’ll probably end of answering for you in a video released a new video everyday so make sure that you subscribe to little bell when you get this right. Is it going to notify you every day when I do release that new video. We’ll see you guys tomorrow with another video.

But until then here’s some more videos. Go ahead and click one of them.


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