I Got 12.4 Million Reels Views In 11 Days

I Got 12.4 Million Reels Views In 11 Days

I Got 12.4 Million Reels Views In 11 Days Transcript

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What up gang, Rob Level here in this video. I’m going to give you an idea that I had that I tested that really worked well. And I want to share this with you. If there’s anybody out there who right now you’re posting stuff and nobody’s seeing any of your posts because the algorithm is eating your stuff alive and you weren’t posting enough to keep it going.

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I have a quick marketing idea for you that really works, that if you gain organic fans and that is going to make you feel a lot better about just your social media presence in general, that’s going to jump right into it. Okay. So what I did and I wanted to test it, especially when, you know, with reels in these ideas, the strategies that I had for reels was I have a bunch of Instagram pages, okay?

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And I was like, What would happen If I go in and I create a new one, right? Because it’ll be fresh in the algorithm, it’ll be new to Instagram. It can’t discipline me for lack of posting. It can’t discipline me for anything, right? For the length of the profile, for for not engaging with couldn’t have an engagement. So I was like, you know what?

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The thing that seemed like the good idea would be? What if I made a brand new profile? What if I started fresh? I take into account I have over 300,000 followers and I’m verified, but still, building side profiles and posting on those is extremely helpful when it’s a fresh profile. And I only have to tell my current followers that it exists. Right. You can. And then it kind of kickstart it, but you don’t have to because what happens is when you post on reels, reels will organically share your videos to people in the algorithm and if you keep posting reels it’ll keep sharing and that will grow. But either way you’re getting this fresh burst in the algorithm to gain fans

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you many not have gained before and you can pretty much make a new Instagram, trigger that, do that. And then if that one starts to die out because it’s not getting enough engagement or the content that you are making just doesn’t seem to be right, make another profile, okay? And this really does work. Now, the one thing that you actually need before you actually attempt to do this is you need to consider what content you can be posting because it’s going to reward you in the algorithm if you’re constantly posting content.

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Yeah. I’m not asking you to make a ton of crazy content, but you need a couple of pieces of content, at least like three pieces a week that you can put into reels that’ll kick that to people organically when they’re scrolling so that you can start getting your music heard. So make content with your music in. It depends on your brand.

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I can’t give you specifics on that because it depends. It could be you in studio recording like this, it could be your song. But remember this people tend to prefer more organic videos because that’s the way that we consume content. Now, is person front facing camera. Right. So you can create this content and test it and try. I have tested it.

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I tested it a bunch times and it consistently works. And I’m talking about you were getting thousands and thousands of people. I personally did this and I have videos that have over 12.4 million views on them from doing this on a site profile. I have other ones that have hit 1 million views, 2 million, 3 million views, but I’m not going to tell you what content I was making.

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Come on out now, because this type of stuff they put in my masterclasses come, Oh man, sorry, but people pay for that stuff. And I don’t want to like, detract from stuff that they’ve already paid for, but that’s the stuff that’s inside of my marketing masterclass bundles. Anyway. You can do this as long as you know how to create great content and you can just keep on going with this.

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Keep pushing. Actually, I had a guy who’s inside of the music history shortcut. We have live calls for. People get on with me for like 2 hours and ask me any questions that they want. I share this strategy with him and he he started using it. And guess what? He started gaining tons and tons of fans from it.

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He told me the strategy that I taught everybody, like the last three weeks, he’s got over half a million streams. Oh, no, no, no. And since then, since then it’s said almost 2 million. And that reels views. I was gonna say, I wish man. No. Yeah, but yeah, almost two million Views. But overnight I just popped off. I woke up this morning and was at 1.4 or 1.4 million on one of the other one jumped to like 400,000. So I’m like, God damn, you are going to people going onto YouTube saying here from reels. Or here before this blows up. Before that, before this was like that.

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But we’re going to put this in the video. He sent me the screenshots as proof because I almost didn’t believe him when he said that he used it. When he used this, he only had like 4000 followers. Just, just throwing that out there. And I’m seeing even in these screenshots, he’s getting videos that have 1,459,208 reels views, massive amount of I mean other ones, 300, 4000, 8000 likes.

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I’ll put these on the screen, but this is the type of stuff that I show people how to do if you’re in the Music Industry Shortcut and when you get my music marketing bundles, I have so many different music marketing, masterclasses anyway, to share this with you. But this a big part of the strategy, starting that fresh profile and then working on that and you can post the same content that you work post on there on your profile as well, right?

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This stuff works and the proof is right there. It’s right there in front of you. I show people this, they use it right? And the thing is, I want to through this out there a lot of people getting in these live calls. He was the only one that went, yo, that’s a genius idea. Immediately stopped, went and did what I told them to do.

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By the way, this is only 11 days later. Right? So we came back 11 days later. It’s like this is working so well. And then three weeks later, he came back and his numbers, it’s just ridiculous. It works and it works fast. But I say that because a lot of people would be like, Yeah, I want to get big, but they don’t do this stuff even when it’s something genius like this.

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But the people who go and do it, they grow. You can’t just say that you’re watching these videos and that’s enough. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge when executed is power. Okay? Understand that it’s useless to have the knowledge if you’re not utilizing it. So many people do that. I did it for a long time too. I understand. Okay, But you’re not going to grow unless you’re doing this kind of stuff.

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So anyway, I’ll give you free cheat sheets for music marketing stuff, the fundamentals 100% free and the stuff below. And after you get that, it’s going to kick you to a page. We’re going to show you a page that I paid a ton of money to make it load in 2 seconds for you, so they didn’t waste any of your valuable time.

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I’m going to show you my music marketing bundles. Okay. Just check those out, See what I can do for you. Okay. I hope this strategy is something that you at least go attempt on your own with me or without me. Just even without me. This strategy is a phenomenal strategy. I recommend that you use it now before something changes.

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You know, often Instagram is changing, but realistically, if you had tested this couple years ago, this will consistently work because it wants a new user to have a good experience on the platform and and keep creating so that they keep coming back to people so they can run ads to the person. So like, that’s kind of how it works.

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A fresh profile is going to get that push and that’s why you go create it. Once you understand the algorithms you can use and to your advantage, think about it gets a free cheat sheets. Go check out my music marketing masterclass. The link to get all this stuff is going to be in the description as well as in the top comment.

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I’m Rob level. This is Smart Rapper. I know if you made this far in the video, you got a lot smarter. All right. Keep hustling gang click those links and I’ll see you at the top.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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