How To Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses | Famous Dex Price Response, Drake, Kendrick Etc.

How To Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses

So you may have a little bit of extra dough lying around that you are planning on using to get a feature from a bigger rapper.

You should check out the Top 5 Benefits Of Buying A Collab From A Bigger Rapper.

And if you want to know how much a rapper you’re interesting in working with charges for a verse it’s super easy to find out.

how to find out rapper feature prices

How To Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses: Circumstances Of Collab Pricing


If you have built some serious buzz for yourself or when you do, you get to leverage your buzz in order to get a cheaper price or make a deal for another artist to get on your song.

Rapper’s careers are completely dependent upon staying relevant so they are willing to hop on anything that is going to keep them in the lime light.

If you lose your buzz, you lose your fame and relevancy which means you lose ticket sales, album sales, collab cost and certain levels of endorsement deals.

Build your buzz and you will be able to get collabs easier.

migos rappers


Some artist have so much money they truly don’t care about spending their time selling a verse unless they are just money hungry and want more and more money.

rapper greed


You can also get a cheaper verse if you have someone inside of the rapper’s camp that you want to collab with.


If you are offering to give them money and they aren’t responding, they don’t have the time to do the collabs and they clearly don’t need the money.

Mid level rappers are always looking to make some extra dough though. That’s why I was capable of getting an instant response from the two below.

how to find out

How To Find Out How Much Rappers Charge For Verses: Feature Prices

You already know that my answer is going to be to reach out to their management team and find out.

If you want to find the artist’s feature prices you can usually find a management contact e-mail on a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram bio.

the game feature price

rappers responses

I reached out to some mid level rappers randomly and got some responses almost immediately.

Riff Raff Guest Feature Price

Riff Raff Verse Cost

Famous Dex Rap Feature Verse Price

famous dex verse price

For the big name rappers like Future, Migos, Gucci, Game and others they didn’t even open the e-mails. But it never hurts to try to get a response.

Below are the word on the street prices.

word on the street

How Much Do Rappers Charge For Verses? Word On The Street Rap Feature Prices

Future – 40k

T.I. – 40k

Drake – 75k

Nicki Minaj – 100k

Jay Z – 200k

J Cole – 100k

Kendrick – 100k

Kanye – 100k

Wiz – 20k

Chris Webby – $1,500 – He told me this while sitting at my kitchen table.

If you want to know all the reasons why you should try to buy a collab make sure you should check outTop 5 Benefits Of Buying A Collab From A Bigger Rapper.

how to not get screwed

If you do purchase a collab from a big name rapper make sure you pay for the collab the right way so that you don’t get screwed out of your money.

Check out my article on how to properly pay a big rapper for a collab.

Check this out you want to know how much you should charge for a collab. Yes, you can sell your verses too!

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