How To Know How Much You Should Charge For A Rap Verse Collab

How Much Should You Charge For A Collab?

When you start getting yourself some buzz as a rapper it is inevitable that rappers are going to start reaching out to you and asking you “How much for a verse?”

I get this request like 10 times a day so I know a bit about how to determine the cost as we will discuss below.


why collab

Why Consider Collaboration?

If you haven’t thought about collaboration yet there is one huge reason to start considering it.

‘Exponential growth’

If you have 100 fans and collab with someone else who has 100 fans, now you have been seen by 200 people. Then from 200 to 400, 400 to 800, 800 to 1600, 1600 to 3200 and so on and so forth.

This is the fastest way for you to grow as an artist. You may have heard me speak about this before in other articles on how to collab with rappers.


how big is your fanbase

What Is Your Fan Base Size?

Everything is business is determined by the reach (amount of people you can reach) you have with an audience.

This is how TV shows sell ad space to companies who want to put their commercials in front of viewers. This is how Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram, Websites…. just everything in business works. It’s about how many eye balls you are getting on your brand for the cost.

Reach is the reason that you want to collab with a big name rapper. Because their reach is so large that you know when you collab with them, you ‘reach’ their audience and you grow much quicker.

The bigger the rapper the more the cost, obviously!


how big is their fanbase

What Is Their Fan Base Size?

Remember That Numbers DO Lie on social media nowadays.

They could have bought their followers and numbers so what you need to look at to compare what kind of reach they have is their numbers across all social media.

How many likes on average does their Instagram pictures get? Do the amount of comments match the likes?

How many views are their Youtube videos getting? Do the comments and thumbs ups match the amount of views?

Look at all their photos and all of their videos and analyze their true number of fans and reach they get in general.

Then compare those numbers to yours and determine a dollar amount based on the next section.


compare the two

Compare The Two For The Cost

So what is the difference in the numbers?

Do they average 3,000 views a video on YouTube and 1,000 picture likes on Instagram?

Does it all look real?

For every thousand people you have on your social media I’d say $100.

Or to break it down further $10 per 100 people you can reach.

These numbers are what I recommend at the lower levels. When you get bigger the numbers will fluctuate depending on a lot of factors.

Check out my article on how much big name rappers charge for collabs to see what other rappers charge.


or you could do this

Or You Could Do This

You can also be smart and just collab with everyone you can just to get your music out there.

I’d say you go out and find people in the same area of reach as you and start collabbing away.

The goal here is for you to grow a fan base, not make a few hundred bucks.

The relationship and networks you will garner from collabbing is going to benefit you massively.


Good luck my friend!


Rob Level

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