How To Block Someone On YouTube So They Can’t Hate On You

how to block a channel on youtube

How To Block Someone On YouTube


Sometimes people in YouTube comments can be very negative and that kind of stuff will just slow you down.

Why let them get to you? Today I am going to show you how to block someone on YouTube in ALL ways.

You’ll be able to block them on YouTube just like this 🙂

how to block a youtube channel

What you'll learn today

What You Will Learn Today About Blocking Someone On YouTube

1) How To Block Someone On YouTube through other channels

2) How To Block Someone From Your Own YouTube Channel

3) How To View A List Of Everyone You Have Blocked On YouTube

4) How To Unblock Someone On YouTube in case you need it


How to block someone

How To Block Someone On YouTube When You’re On Other Channels

The method below will block someone’s YouTube channel from ever being able to talk to your YouTube channel.

This method is for when you’re on another YouTube channel and want to go from that location straight to their page to block them.

The method of how to block a YouTube channel in the next section is for when you’re in your own YouTube comments and want to block them from there.

Both methods will block a YouTube channel from interacting with your YouTube channel.


Step 1

1) Make sure you are logged into your YouTube account you want to block someone from.

I say this because sometimes people have more than 1 YouTube account.


Step 2

2) Go to the person you want to block’s profile

youtube blockYou can do this by clicking their name from wherever you noticed you want to start blocking them from.


Most likely you disliked their comment and want to block someone because of that.


When you’re in YouTube comments you can just click their name.

Like below you would click “Smart Rapper” and that will bring you to their YouTube channel as I show below.



Step 3

3) Once in their YouTube profile click ‘About’ 

how to block people on Youtube



Step 4

4) Click the flag icon and then click ‘Block User’

how to block a youtuber


Step 5

5) Confirm that you want to block someone on YouTube

block someone on youtube from watching your videos

They are now blocked from your YouTube channel. Congratulations now you have 1 less hater to worry about wasting time on.



How to block someone

How To Block Someone From Your Own YouTube Channel

You can do the above option for this as well but if the person you want to block is commenting on your channel you can do this to hide their comments from ever affecting you 🙂

If you see a hater’s comment on one of your videos you simply do this to block their channel on YouTube from interacting with your YouTube channel.


1) Click the 3 dots top right of their comment

2) Then click Hide Users Comments

blocking comments on youtube


Bam, now you have blocked their YouTube channel from ever commenting on your channel.

If you would like to UNBLOCK someone’s YouTube channel who you have hidden the comments from you can do so by checking out below.



How to Unblock someone

How To Unblock Someone On YouTube

How To See Who You You Have Blocked On YouTube

Step 1

1) If you’re on any channel on YouTube you can look top right and see your channel icon.

Click it then click ‘Creator Studio’

how to delete youtube comments


Step 2

2) Now once in that section you will see a bunch of settings on the left side of your screen.

Click ‘Community’

Then click ‘Community Settings’

These are all of the community settings for people that go to your YouTube channel.


how to delete comments on youtube



Step 3

 3) If you scroll down a bit you will see a list of everyone you have HIDDEN from your YouTube channel. 

All you have to do is find their name and click the ‘X’ next to it to remove them from being blocked from commenting.

a list of all my haters




wrapping up

I hope this helped you block someone on YouTube that was annoying you.

There is no reason to spend any of your time worrying about what other people say unless it is helping you make yourself better.

On that note, If you want to know how to set up comment filters to stop people from being able to say certain words like “You suck” or “This is garbage” on your YouTube channel video comments you can check that out by going here

Here is an example of what I block from my channels

using a filter on youtube

Good luck my friend. I believe in you.


Rob Level

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