How To Delete YouTube Comments On Any YouTube Video Talking Negatively About You

how to delete youtube comments

How To Delete YouTube Comments

What you'll learn today

1) How to get a YouTube comment deleted on any video

2) How to delete a comment on your YouTube video

3) How to automatically block certain YouTube comments from your YouTube videos


How to delete comments on Youtube

How to delete YouTube Comments  on any video

If you want to know how to delete a comment on your own YouTube video you can see that in the next section.

deleting youtube commentsBut if someone else is saying something offensive to you on YouTube video you don’t own and you want that YouTube comment deleted, there are ways to do it.

I have to point out that this isn’t EASY to do but if you are taking the time to search up how to get a YouTube comment deleted on a video you must really want that YouTube comment deleted.

So, here are a couple of my sly ways of getting YouTube comments deleted.

If YouTube sees that enough people flag a comment, it will automatically hide that comment from other people seeing it. It may appear as if it’s bullying, spammy, sexual or offensive and YouTube doesn’t want it’s users to have a bad experience so they remove comments that are flagged enough times.


Number 1

1) You can gather a small group of friends to flag the comments as a team

If a YouTube comment is really bother you, hit up a few friends. Send them the YouTube link and ask them to mark the exact YouTube comment you want as spam or bullying.

You guys / girls can do this anytime anyone of you doesn’t like a comment or anytime you all want to join together to argue with someone as a group.

I’ve witnessed haters attack me numerous times with this method haha.

So much fun!


All of your screen names were made in different locations on different IPs so it will flag it much faster than you trying to flag it yourself with a bunch of your own screen names.


Why can’t you just use a bunch of your own YouTube screen names to flag it?

Let’s say you have 10 YouTube channels like I do. (All Businesses) You’d think you could just log into all of the YouTube channels one at a time and mark the comment you don’t like as spam but that’s not how it works.


Well because YouTube knows you own all of those screen names. They trace you through your IP so that won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried lol


Number 2

2) Hire someone in India who has 100 screen names to flag the heck out of the comment until YouTube automatically sees it as spam.


You can use sites like SEO Clerks in order to hire someone to mark a comment as spam 100 times. This will guarantee it gets deleted from the YouTube comments.


STEP 1) Join The Site in 10 seconds

STEP 2) On the right side of the site click ‘Want To Buy’ > Social Networks > YouTube

STEP 3) At the top click ‘Create A Job’

STEP 4) Tell them exactly what you want (YouTube comment flagged until it’s deleted) and how much you are willing to offer for the service

STEP 5) People will give you offers on what they will charge to delete a YouTube comment and you can accept any of the offers

STEP 6) Add Funds To Your Account To Pay For The Service – Add Funds Here (this took me a while to figure out)

STEP 7) *puts fingers together menacingly like Mr. Burns* and now you wait.


This site is also the site a lot of people use to boost their YouTube views, Twitter followers, YouTube likes and a bunch of other stuff. Look around and see if there is anything you want to use.


Number 3

3) Create a YouTube Admin look alike channel page and ask them to remove their comment

If you create a YouTube admin looking page just right you can potentially scare the user into removing their comment by threatening them with a ban on their account.


1) Make a new screen name on YouTube naming it something YouTube admin ish

2) Give it a YouTube professional admin looking picture that you can find in some Google Images

3) Upload a professional YouTube made video to your channel to look more official

A video such as one about YouTube cutting down on bullying or a YouTube Training video.


4) Go to the person’s comment you want removed

5) Reply to them by saying

deleting youtube commentsAs a new way to prevent cyber bullying YouTube has implemented admins like me to help the YouTube community. We prefer to allow YouTuber’s like yourself to have a choice so I am going to ask you to remove your comment. It has been flagged 14 times as bullying. If you do not remove your comment it may result in a strike or possible ban on your account”.


Lol. This method will make most small minded people delete their comment in fear.


YouTube admins don’t exist by the way, but most people don’t know that. lol


How to delete comments on Youtube

How To Delete YouTube Comments On Your Own Videos

This is quite simple but just in case you don’t know I am providing the steps so you can delete YouTube comments with ease.


1) Next to any comment on YouTube there is 3 little dots. Click those little dots.

2) Click ‘Remove’ and this will DELETE the YouTube comment.

how to delete youtube comments fast

wrapping up

If you’re interested in how to block a YouTube channel or user you can check out the article I just finished on that here.


And if you want to set up YouTube comment filters to stop certain words and comments from being posted on your YouTube channel at all you can check that out here.

Here is an example of the YouTube comment filters I use. It stops comments from haters before anyone can ever see them. It’s smart to set these up.

using a filter on youtube

Good luck my friend. I believe in you.


Rob Level

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