How Post Malone Is Making Piles Of Money With Bud Light

How Post Malone Is Making Piles Of Money With Bud Light

What up smart rapper gang its Rob level the best rapper you know who is giving you the music industry cheat codes. 

I wanna talk about Post Malone today and discuss how he is making money on the side.

I want us all to ask one question today, Would you do what he did just to make money? 

We are going to get into that in just a minute after I commend him on this incredible amount of success.

He is pumping out hits like a jealous husband after a 12 pack of bud light beer. 

I mean hit after hit. I don’t think I have heard a bad song from him that was shown to me. 

So It’s no surprise one if the biggest artist of the last 2 years is raking in piles of money. 

Post Malone Net Worth

Post Malone is only 22 years old and his net worth is said to be 14 million. 

At only 22 years old. That’s incredible. At this rate he will beat Drakes 25 sitting on 25 mill 

I’d also like to point out how Post Malone is the perfect example of how an artist can grow and brand themselves into the perfect package in just a matter of 2 or 3 years. 

I mean I’d you haven’t seen this I have to show you 

Its proof that it doesn’t matter where you start, who you are or what you look like, if you have talent. It is going to shine. 

Good music gets heard. 

Bud Light And Post Malone Deal

So after all of his success people are calling him a sell out because of his recent expansion on his deal with Budweiser (Bud Light)

If you are a music artist you are going to want to see what I am going to show you in a minute. 

So he has been getting goodies and presents from Budweiser since 2017 when he he showed us they were sending him stuff like this. Soon after he inked a deal with Budweiser. 

Do you think he is a sell out for doing a deal with a liquor company? 

In most circumstances the artist would look like a sell out especially if it the collaboration didn’t make any sense. 

But this specific deal is interesting and I figured you could become a smarter rapper from it. I want to go over a few things with this. 

When someone does a deal for liquor, often it just isn’t a right match. 

Rappers And Liquor Deals

50 cent makes a new liquor company every year, builds up the liquor brand using his massive influence and then sells the name and power he created for that company for millions. Its said he sold his stake in Effen Vodka for 60 million. Then he was pushing another and then another to sell. 

Nas did a deal with Hennessy Cognac in 2012. 

And I can name a list of rappers from Snopp Dogg, Jay Z, Pharrell, E40, Fabolous and dozens of others that are affiliated with liquor brands. 

The margins on liquor are huge so it’s a smart business move to make big money.

Generally these are hard liquors not beer though. 

Let’s look at Post Malone. Let’s Pretend he isn’t famous at all. 

Do you know why this deal works perfectly for Post Malone’s brand? 

Its because he looks like he drinks a 6 pack everyday when he gets home from a hard days work on a construction site. 

He looks like he could literally turn into the can he is on. 

He looks and is the target the market for Bud Light. 

That’s why it works. 

The Bud Light Post Malone Deal Is A Perfect Fit

It doesn’t look like they had to do much selling to him on the idea of a collaboration with Budweiser. He is the consumer. 

So is Post Malone a sellout? 

I don’t think so. I believe selling out is when you accept a deal or money for something you don’t believe in or support. 

If he would have done a deal with a healthy juice company we would all be like 

Just like I’m not going to take workout advice from someone half my size. Or nutritional advice from an obese person. 

But this collaboration just makes sense, like a rapper with 9 being sponsored by the morning after pill.

You wouldn’t align with a charity you didn’t believe in and help them make money? So why align with a brand to help make money If it’s not the right fit. 

What Rappers Can Learn From Post Malone’s Budweiser Deal

What you can learn from this is to look for brands that match your brand and what you stand for. Not only are these going to be easier deals for you to get, but you wont look like a sellout when you make the deal. 

You can also start building the relationship way sooner. Get the right brand to sponsor your next tour. They have marketing dollars. And if your brands match, they wont have a problem throwing down 10 to 15 grand to support a 20 show tour you have lined up. 

And don’t forget you can be sponsored by more than 1 company at a time unless the contract says differently. In most cases you just cant collaborate with their competitors in the same market. But you can with other brands in other areas. 

Start paying attention to what you represent so you can be conscious when these potential partners come into your life. 

You just became a Smarter Rapper 

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