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Where to buy YouTube Views, Instagram followers, Twitter Followers

where can I buy 10,000 youtube views

If you’re asking where to buy YouTube Views, Instagram followers, Twitter Followers and SoundCloud Plays, this is the place for you.

I’m going to give you all ends of the argument, the good, the bad, the reasons to and the reasons not to. Who it is for and who is NOT for.  Please read carefully as there is a lot of information inside of this article. It EXPOSES the truth about the music industry that you may not see or understand. Smart Rapper is here to show you and help.

where do I buy instagram followers

1) Buying followers is an extremely touchy subject nowadays that I want to touch on

2) I want to expose the truth behind how fake the music industry has become


3) How easy is to make happen

pay attention to buying twitter followers

I have good reason NOT TO DO IT and it’s a similar reason I recommend only new artist do it… People are watching me… Labels are watching me consistently. They notice these numbers fluctuate.

Not only do they watch me, but I was shown by an A and R at a major record label HOW THEY WATCH ME using a website that shows monthly and weekly fluctuations in social media numbers of any artist they put into their system.

So they can see if something is buzzing around that artist.

Oh by the way, that’s some sneaky insider industry information for you right there. 

If a label is already watching you and suddenly your numbers sky rocket, they go and look to see why. Because if they can be on the front end of the buzz, they can be the first to sign an artist and 1) Get them for the lowest price 2) Make the most money off of the artist explosion of buzz.

Most importantly, I am writing this article is because

1) I want to make Smart Rapper “The” go to place for all Rappers.

2) I want to make the best content that is out there, so It randomly hit me that this might be a great idea for an article. So I went and did my research to find you guys the best prices on this stuff from reliable sources.

3) It gave me a true reason to test the numbers on Dummy Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts to prove my point and write this article for the world to see.

the power of social proof

I do not condone buying your followers and stuff, you will look stupid if you don’t have the right amount of retweets, video likes, instagram likes and more. Similar to how Justin Bieber looks in the pictures below.

This article for information purposes so you can understand the industry and why they do it as well as for NEW rappers to build their SOCIAL PROOF up.

What is ‘ Social Proof ‘? 

Contagious book cover social proof

It is from a book I have read numerous times called ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On‘ it is the same book that Nipsey Hussle got his idea to release his mixtape for $100 from. When he did that, I actually tweeted at him saying ‘Contagious’ since I knew that’s where he got the idea from.

The book shows people why things go viral in our day and age.

One of things is ‘Social Proof’.

It is basically saying that when it looks like someone else likes it, other people are more prone to liking it.

We are creatures that gather around anything that seems to be interesting to others. This is why when a rapper starts blowing up for the first time we notice him and everyone latches onto him until the buzz dies down and he is left with only X amount of non band wagon followers.

Or why Justin Bieber for some reason has 70M Twitter Followers

Justin bieber twitter


I mean do we honestly believe that 70 Million Humans on planet earth are following Justin Bieber? LMFAO that’s hysterical. 

pinned justin bieber tweet

I mean even his pinned tweets only get baby amounts of retweets. But either way, that 70 MILLION Number sure does look impressive af doesn’t it.

Social Proof is the main reason that while Justin Bieber was blowing up (And even now), the record label bought him 2 fake followers for every 1 real follower he had. It made him look more famous than he was, but it may have looked like it was real since he was buzzing so much.

Suddenly when Twitter and Instagram did a sweep, he lost 3/4 of his followers and some serious YouTube views.

NOTE: I have never lost any views or followers in the yearly sweep any site has done. Go look at the analytics. My biggest video at this moment has 1.2 Million Facebook shares alone and that resulted in nearly 5 million views.

why buy instagram followers

Let me answer the question “Why should you buy followers, likes, plays and views when you’re new?”
And give you an example of the above

If a rapper has 1,000 Instagram followers you are probably like… so what, I have 1,000 Instagram followers. Right?

But if the rapper has 100,000 Instagram followers you immediately say, “Whoah, who is this guy?” and then you potentially check out his music just to see how he has 100k followers and you have never heard of his ass.

This effect is called Social Proof. It makes others much more likely to take you seriously since others already seem to.

This is why I recommend a starting out rapper at least gets his/her hands on 5,000 Instagram followers and Twitter Followers. Don’t be stupid and buy more than that.

When I started rapping and getting my career off the ground, these options didn’t even exist back in 2008. Now a days the social media networks are so large and people all want to look cool these numbers are easily manipulate-able.

who should buy followers

Well, I only even recommend buying ANYTHING if you are A NEW ARTIST just now starting his fan base and has less than 100 fans.

The reason being is for SOCIAL PROOF as I mentioned above.

DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE ESTABLISHED AS A RAPPER. The reason I say this is because you don’t want people knowing that you are faking your numbers. As soon as you blow up they will wonder if your new numbers are real. If people see a spike of numbers and no reason for the spike, you will probably be called out.

where to buy youtube views and instagram followers

Where to buy YouTube Views, Instagram followers, SoundCloud Plays, Twitter Followers and everything else pretty much.

I went out and spent around $50 testing random sites and random E-mails that were given for contact. Quite a few not only didn’t work, but when they did work, the views dropped and or the followers dropped. Another thing that I cannot afford happening to me, which is another reason I don’t do it since so many people are watching.

The good news is that I found 2 providers who did amazing at boosting the numbers on my Dummy Accounts I made specifically for this purpose.

Basically I just E-mailed these people what I wanted and they gave me a list of options. Most of them reside in India, which makes sense. These guys are over there hustling their asses off to make a few dollars. It’s crazy.

Here is E-mail of the only 1 That actually came through out of all of the websites and emails I tested with the $50.

Since I spent $50 running this test, I figured I’d gain more fans of smart rapper by getting people to Sign up to my E-mail list with a Valid Email to get the information.

choices of social media things to buy

Just By E-mailing that guy you can buy: 

Instagram Followers – 5,000 for $15

Twitter Followers – 20,000 for $20 

YouTube Views – 10,000 for $20 

SoundCloud Plays – 20,000 for $5

So for a total of $60 you can look like an established rapper today. That’s pretty insane. If you had enough money you could look like Justin Bieber.

It’s almost completely fucked up that this is even possible. Honestly, in some way shape or form this should be illegal. Unfortunately it’s not.

wrapping up

Again, I only recommend buying YouTube Views, Instagram followers, Twitter Followers if you are NEW. This article was to prove a point and show how things work on the inside of the industry.

Be Smart.

– NovAK

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