What Are The Best Preamps For Rap Vocals? [Entire List]

best preamps for rap vocalsA List Of The Best Preamps For Rap Vocals

If you don’t know what a preamp is, this may be a bit over your head but that’s okay, that’s what Smart Rapper is here for. To help you get smarter and learn all of this stuff as fast as possible.


In layman’s terms, a preamp ‘Amplifies’ the vocals from your microphone so that the computer DAW [Digital Audio Work station] receives them at a loud enough level to actually work with.


Without a preamp there wouldn’t even be a vocal to work with. 


This is why the quality of your preamp matters JUST AS MUCH if not more than the quality of your rap microphone. Because the preamp is what is boosting the rap vocal. So you want to make sure it is boosted as crisp and clear as possible.

Get me? I hope I explained that so you understand it.

Either way, you need a preamp! So let’s go over the list of the best preamps for rap vocals.


Again, this list comes from months of me wanting a preamp when I was dirt poor and was trying to figure out which one I could possibly afford while also giving me the best quality and bang for my buck. I’ll also include my favorite preamp that I have ever used that is absolutely amazing.



Rap Vocals Preamp 1 | Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 6 In/6 Out USB 2.0

Focusrite preamp for rappers

I currently own and use this preamp. Click the picture to check it out. 

It’s not super expensive like my last one was. I sold my first preamp that was my baby that I bought in 2008. My old Preamp costs me $1200 but it was so outdated that now even the Focusrite has better quality.


The advancements in home recording preamps, microphones and all around technology is astounding. Good for us! haha


It is also USB so you can plug it right in, then plug your microphone in and then be good to go after adjusting a few settings in your I/O in your DAW.



Rap Vocals Preamp 2 | Presonus TubePre v2 Tube Preamplifier

Presonus TubePre v2 Tube

Click the picture to check it out

I have owned Presonus preamps before. But this was back before I was even 1/100 as knowledgeable about audio as I am now.

What I mean is, I didn’t even understand what sound quality was, so I wasn’t listening to the sound of the audio for the quality to be able to tell the difference in whether or not this was amazing. But I do know that a lot of people use Presonus preamps for rap vocals.


I’m sure the reason is because they are at least decent quality but also because it is under $100 which is great.


If you have the ability to get over $200 I’d still go with the Focusrite preamp above though. Work that extra week and get your hands on something that will give you better quality in your rap vocals.


Rap Vocals Preamp 3 | MOTU Traveler MKIII 

motu traveler preamp for microphone rap vocal

I owned the MK2 Traveler and it was AMAZING. Crystal clear quality vocals! The MK3 is widely talked about as a great preamp.

Knowing that the MK2 stood by me for 6+ years and kept working through all of the city to city moves and shitty environments I lived in, I know it is a quality product. So I have no problem telling people about it from my own rap artist experience.



Click the picture to check it out.


Rap Vocals Preamp 4 | Avalon 737 SP 

avalon 737SP preamp for rapper vocals

This right here, is my baby. I want this more than I want any car on this planet.


I have used this microphone preamp numerous times in the major studios I have worked in and it makes my vocals smoother than your local neighborhood drug lord.


This thing…. I just can’t say enough good things about it.

If you can afford one, get one. It is seriously amazing.

I mean, look at how sexy it is. Haha. I love this thing, okay, I’ll stop now.


Get one! 

Click the picture to check it out. 



wrapping up


I wrote a post right before I wrote this post that was ‘What Are The Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals? [Entire List]‘ so I figured why not take another 30 minutes and show Smart Rappers The Best Preamps For Rap Vocals as well.


I know me investing my time into this site helps you want to invest more time into yourself and that makes me happy 🙂 I really hope this information helps you! If you’re looking for a rap vocal microphone check out that link above.


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– NovAK

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