3 Hacks To QUADRUPLE Your Song Views And Streams

3 Hacks To QUADRUPLE Your Song Views And Streams


Before I had talked to you guys about why it HELPS to have your songs that people are going to play on loop shorter. In this video I am going to talk about the song psychology and how you can make sure that when the song is shorter, you can damn near guarantee they KEEP clicking REPEAT.

It will literally help you double or even quadruple the amount of money you make from music streams

And for an artist on the come up that means you can go from making 500 bucks a month to making $2000. That means you can take less hours at work you can focus more on music and focus more on marketing to make that 2000 turn into 4000

Now the reason that them clicking repeat matters so much is that we are in a time where you get paid PER STREAM.

So the more streams you get… the more money you make.
If you song is 4 minutes long, they might get enough of that song at the end of it.

Now if your song is 2 minutes long… You might be able to get them to stream it TWICE to feel like they got enough of it, that’s double your money.

NOW If you make it 2 minutes PLUS you arrange the song and write it in a way that people feel psychologically like the song ends but they didn’t get that satisfaction or THRILL that they wanted, they keep going back for more. They keep playing it trying to get that thrill.

A great example would be, if you ever have sex and then you don’t get to come. In your brain you want to keep trying to get that feeling so you try until you reach it or until it’s just so unreachable you move on and go about your day.

Believe it or not you can totally do that with your music and a lot of hit songs are set up like this on purpose so people constantly want to replay it.

If you combine all of this stuff I just talked about, you will get WAY more streams, double, triple, quadruple your money and maybe even more just because people will stream the songs of yours they like WAY MORE.

– Rob Level

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