1 HACK To Increase Your Rhyming Skills 10x Faster

1 HACK To Increase Your Rhyming Skills 10x Faster


Aside from watching my videos everyday and learning a new word or being on my Instagram http://www.instagram.com/Rob_Level and watching my story to learn a new word everyday. This is how you are going to increase your vocabulary 10 times faster.

When you really think about what I am going to tell you in this video you are going to realize, “DUH!” that makes so much more sense to learn words faster.

This will increase your rhyming abilities as well as make you look smarter to people because you have a broader vocabulary.
I have learned A TON of words from this and you are going to become a smarter rapper today too.

Check this out.
If you Use a rhyming dictionary while you write, when you are trying to use a word for your raps, it has to make sense. So as you try to use the rhymes you’ll click them and learn the words.

If you learn a random word that has NO USE for you, it’s harder to make it stick.

But if you are learning the words as you try to put it into your raps, because the word has to make sense for you to be able to use it, you learn the word and if you KEEP the word, you will memorize the word!

It is really that simple.

Let me give you an example here.

If we are on Rhymezone and we are trying to find a rhyme for WHOLE

we can see all the rhymes, now of course we know MOST of these words, but have we ever considered using the words we don’t know in our verses?

Look at words like Shoal – It means a stretch of shallow water, you can use this word when talking about your FLOW because it refers to water

Or how about Knoll, like a grassy knoll. A Knoll is a small natural hill

So you could say
Yall smokin trash though, my papers a goblin scroll
its swole, got more grass than a hobbits knoll

I wrote that in 30 seconds just for the example but to explain more.

Scrolls are made of paper, Goblins are green like weed, Swole would mean your joint is thick and if it has grass it means weed and more weed than a hobbits knoll from lord of the rings.

This is how I write lyrics, it’s a bit deeper than just rhyming but it adds more to your song.

You surely have memorized what a Knoll is now, right?
And a shoal has to do with water, because you relate it to your FLOW.

This is how you can learn numerous words just while writing even 4 bars.

You just became a smarter rapper, time for the word of the day.

CONSOLE – verb: give moral or emotional strength to
to provide a person with comfort when he or she is struggling emotionally
I tried to console my friend when he lost his job by telling him he could easily get a better job than the one he had.

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