Surprising Tricks I Used To Get 4,685 SnapChat Friends In 1 Month

How To Get Snapchat Friends

get snapchat friends
how to get snapchat friends

How To Get Friends On SnapChat

how to get snapchat friends
I run 4 big snapchats

If you’re asking “How do you get friends on SnapChat?” or if you’re looking for the way to get SnapChat friends with smart SnapChat marketing, this is the place to be right now.

I have a few surprising tricks you can apply daily to get SnapChat friends and gain awareness to your amazing Brand (Business, Music, Etc.)

First off, I run 4 decently sized SnapChats

I know they aren’t DJ Khaled big but I’m workin on it πŸ˜€

One has 15,000+ friends – IamNov
One Has 11,000+ Friends – NoviNovakVSOE
One Has 8,000+ Friends – it’s a secret πŸ˜€
One has 6,000+ Friends – it’s another secret πŸ˜‰

The best part is that I only spend about 2 minutes a day marketing them lol.

That’s what I’m going to show you in this SnapChat marketing article.

I truly hope this helps you out.

how to get snapchat friends
Smart Tip
Kanye west keep it short

If you are wondering why I have 2 SnapChats for the same person it is because I realized that the length of the SnapChat name is VITAL!

No one is going to want to type in NoviNovakVSOE let alone remember it. But they sure as hell can remember ‘iamnov’ and type it in fast without having to look back at the screen or wherever they heard/saw it.


So HUGE TIP is to make sure your Snap name is as short as possible. People are lazy lol they don’t want to type in long SnapChat screen names. I think this is 1 reason why my new SnapChat has grown so fast.

how to get snapchat friends
Why Should You Care

Why Should You Care About Getting SnapChat Friends?

snapchat marketing

If you get SnapChat friends, how does that help you?

Well my future SnapChat Friend I’ll tell you.

If you are a brand (music artist or business) you understand that brand awareness is vital! Getting your name seen and your product or music heard at any turn can lead to potential fans of you.

Therefore, the more friends you have on SnapChat, the more eyeballs you’re getting on you.

It all adds up!

how do you get friends on snapchat
WHat to expect from this

What To Expect After Doing My SnapChat Marketing Trick

Well I did the marketing idea today and this all happened every 20 minutes.

Screen shots are proof πŸ™‚

The background only comes up green if it’s new people adding you.

Look at the times in the top right corners.

snapchat marketing
get followers on snapchat
How to get friends on snapchat
how to get snapchat friends
The 2 minute trick

The SnapChat Marketing 2 Minute A Day Trick

snapchat marketing tips

So what is the SnapChat marketing trick I use everyday?

How do I do my SnapChat Marketing?

If you really want get followers on SnapChat do what I do!

1) Book mark all of the websites below.

2) Everyday I go to the sites and I enter my SnapChat user name to keep me at the top of the name roll.

SnapChat Marketing Note:

You are going to have to set up the profiles on these sites first but that will take less than 5 minutes and you’re set forever!

Make sure you use the best pictures you can and that your profile says something to make people want to add you.






6) (Additional Random One To Use)

I know a lot of people have insecurities about their looks.

No worries!

If you don’t feel like you are attractive enough to have one of your pictures posted on the site then just post a picture of someone else.

No, I’m not joking lol.

how to get snapchat friends
Snapchat Side Note

If You’re A Business SnapChat Marketing Side Note:

If you are building a business, this is still something you can use as a SnapChat Marketing Tactic. Just use the face of the brand as opposed to the logo of the brand.

Have the face be someone you trust and that has some character that can run the SnapChat for your business.

It’s really that simple. That person should be running your SnapChat anyways to keep customers entertained.

What we are doing here is gaining an influx of people that add your SnapChat and will randomly click and watch your SnapChats and potentially become a fan because of how interesting you are.

That or you post snippets of your music on your SnapChat like I do and they start becoming fans wondering what they are hearing.

how to get snapchat friends
bit by bit youll be the shit

Daily SnapChat Marketing To Get 18,000 SnapChat Friends

Stuff is so much easier when you break it down into little pieces. It also helps you realize how much it all truly adds up in the end.

If you want to Get SnapChat friends by the 1,000s… well use this trick everyday to gain additional SnapChat friends in addition to the SnapChat marketing I showed you above.

1) Go to any of the above SnapChat marketing sites I mentioned

2) Add 10 people a day who post their name up.

It’s the same way they are adding you, right? πŸ™‚

It’s that easy to get SnapChat friends. Now let’s do some Snappy Chat math.

If you add 10 people a day multiplied by 30 days in a month you have 300 new friends on your SnapChat.

Okay now +

300 SnapChat Friends a month multiplied by 12 months in a year is 3,600 new SnapChat friends a year.

Then consider that is just by getting SnapChat friends at a rate of 10 a day which will take you 60 seconds tops.

how to get snapchat friends
lets do some math

Imagine if….

If you add 50 SnapChat friends a day you’ll have 18,000 new SnapChat friends at the end of the year.

That doesn’t include all the people that add you from the sites. πŸ™‚

rapper math

BONUS TIP: Inside of the profiles where you post your pictures, you can also post your SnapChat Code so people have 2 ways to add you.

They maybe more inclined to adding you if they ‘feel cool’ using the Snap Code to add people. You know?

If you don’t know what a SnapChat code is, it is this thing.

get snapchat friends
how to get snapchat friends
Additional great tips!

Additional Super Smart SnapChat Marketing Tips And Tricks

Not only are you wanting to add your snapchat on those websites but you want to plaster it anywhere you possibly can!

Let’s go over a list of places you can put your SnapChat screen name so you can get SnapChat friends faster.

1) Add your SnapChat as your nickname on your Facebook page. It’ll say your name and then your SnapChat name under it in “( )”


2) Put the SnapChat code as your main Facebook picture for a week or so so all your friends see it and can add you. Or just post it up as a picture.

Do the same for Instagram, Twitter, Etc.

3) Put the SnapChat name in your bios across all social media networks.

4) When I release music videos, in order to get SnapChat friends I put my Snap Code at the beginning and end of the music video and also any other videos I release.

5) Download your own Snaps that you make and create weekly vlog like SnapChats showing how interesting and unique you are so you can get SnapChat friends.

6) Don’t forget to use the feature in SnapChat where you can add all of your friends by the phone numbers in your phone. It automatically scans your numbers and gives you a list of your friends. Then you just add them all, even if they are old friends. Now you can stunt on them πŸ˜‰ haha

I am literally posting up my first SnapChat Adventure video this week on my if you want to see what I mean.

how do you get friends on snapchat

By the way, add me on SnapChat ‘iamnov’ 

How to get friends on snapchat
get followers on snapchat
The Power Of The Snapchat marketing

The Power Of The Va**na Test I Did. Just Read It Lol!

When you see a girl on Instagram who seemingly has no talent except taking selfies who has a million followers and you ask yourself how tf that happened…..

Well, it’s the power of the va**na.

Guys just follow her when they stumble across her profile because she is eye candy.

As males it is incredible to see the beauty of a female. Our sexual attraction to them makes us wanna see more and I think deep down every guy thinks he may on some planet stand a chance with that girl (which any man does depending on the factors).

So he follows her and he gets giddy like a little boy if she comments @ him.

snapchat add

I learned this social mentality a very very long time ago.

But recently to test the difference between how fast an attractive female can grow her following compared to how fast a male can, I created an extra SnapChat account.

I used a few of my gorgeous ex girlfriends pictures (not nudes lol though I would have gotten a lot more friends that way ) and I posted her picture up to see how fast my ex could have grown a following just from being hot since she used to argue with me about it haha

get followers on snapchat
The results

Here were the results of that SnapChat marketing

Her Picture on those SnapChat sites over the course of a month:
Around 9,400+ People Added Her

My Picture on those SnapChat sites over the course of a month:
Around 3,500+ People Added Me

So what I’m saying is that  if you’re a girl, your SnapChat is going to grow A LOT faster.

But you’ll also be harassed by every guy who adds you. Just ignore them lol

Good luck in your journey and growth my friend.

If you loved this, you would love my Instagram tips even more. I use a secret software and now I have over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

You can see all of that here.

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