This Guy’s Flow Pattern And Pacing Carefully Carries The Song Correctly

weasel sims Jae Haze & Tae Butch

Weasel Sim’s Doin The Most Music Video

The super smooth chorus gets stuck in your head by the end of the first hook and it becomes super like-able and makes you smile by the time the second chorus hits. 

Weasel Sims Doin The Most
jae haze Weasel Sims Doin The Most
weasel sims ran mixtape

I love when videos have an element of comedy to them. It brings together more than just music as a stimulant and creates other emotions through out that keep you entertained.

This video had numerous moments through out that made me laugh. A type of ‘Friday’ or Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’ (which I love)  comedy that is silly but has a seriousness because it’s possible that these situations actually happen.

A side from the fact this is a Chicago cat that is definitely on his super grind, I had the opportunity to link with Weasel Sims as well as Jae Haze. Jae Haze sent me the song before the video came out and I had already liked it. Now I’m seeing the video and I like it even more.

I definitely had to post it up to help out not only other Chicago rappers but rappers that have some actual talent and drive.

Weasel Sims Doin The Most
holiday music video rappers chicago

What Upcoming Rappers Can Learn From This

Notice the melody changes in his first verse.

The melody changes every 4-6 bars and is a super catchy solid melody that keeps you entertained. Not only does the melody change but the speed varies as well. This is a skill set that takes time to get good at and he pulls it off with precision.

He also paces the verses very well building tension and making the listener love the chorus drop even more. Starting with slower flows and then increases speed as the verse builds back towards the chorus.


Weasel Sims Doin The Most
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Artist Location: West Side Chicago

Jae Haze 

Tae Butch

Weasel Sims

I heard Weasel Sims perform this live when I met him at SXSW and it was clean af.

Check it – Weasel Sims – A1 Here is another track ya’ll can check out

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Weasel Sims Doin The Most
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