Get Radio Play


Do you want to know how it feels to get your music played on the radio?

Do you want to know how your mom and sister would react if you started playing while driving somewhere?

If you want to know hot it feels to have your mom and sister proud and excited for you at the same time just ask @TreAdams. Look at this post he made when he came on the radio in the car with his mom and sister.

Yes people! This is REAL!

Smart Rapper is the ONLY site that allows you to actually purchase radio play because we teamed with the massive radio powerhouse ‘Dash’ to provide upcoming rappers the ability to get heard.

It was made and is run by legendary mixtape DJ Clinton Sparks who has songs with everyone in the music industry you can name from Eminem to Beyonce, Lady Gaga, DJ Snake, Pitbull and more. 

Dash Mixtape was MADE as a station to break hip hop artists into the main stream. So, it was actually MADE for YOU.

Dash Mixtape has even been cosigned and shouted out by huge artists like:

DJ Mustard, Nipsey Hussle, Pitbull, DJ Snake, Ludacris and more

If you want the opportunity to get your music played to over 200,000 potential people a day, click the link below and get your spot before they sell out this month. We only have so many slots PER month 

Once they sell out we can’t sell anymore. 

Once you submit your song for review, you automatically lock in your slot if you get accepted. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to finally get the excitement of hearing yourself play on the radio. 

Click the link below now and make a move on something that has never been available before until now!

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