Music Marketing 2019


If you are doing Music Marketing 2019 style you know it’s harder than ever to get heard without either a ton of money or someone reaching down from the top of the music industry mountain to give you a little hand up to get you closer to the top.

You know that’s true don’t you?

Unfortunately you feel the pain I felt for years, right?

Marketing Music 2019 Problem Solved

This is the Legendary Mixtape DJ Clinton Sparks and I setting a ladder up on the side of the mountain to help upcoming artists just like YOU get further up that mountain to skip some of that long journey to the top.

Are you excited?

Get that hand to help pull you up the music industry mountain here

If you have the hustle, good music and drive to make it, this is the next step to get you closer to making your dream of being a rapper, a reality.

In my entire career as a music artist I have never seen something like this be available to anyone who was truly serious about growing their fan base and getting their music heard. 

It All Starts For You Here

Clinton and I have been working on this for you for 8 months for you! This couldn’t exist without both of our struggles happening and us working our butts off for a total of over 30 years combined.

Remember we have been on the same hustle as you since we were around 14 years old. This was our dream too and we made it here and know what it felt like to be where you are as a music artist in 2019.

You are probably out there trying to find music marketing 2019 ideas and music promotion ideas, organic music marketing strategies and sometimes even music promotion companies to get your music heard.

If there has ever been a music promotion service or a music marketing opportunity that could actually change everything for you as a rapper, this is it.

This is music marketing 2019 style. Smart Rapper and Dash Mixtape (Rob Level and Clinton Sparks) have taken their super powers and joined forces to create something music artists have never had access to without a major label or a ton of resources.

You can now get heard alongside the biggest upcoming music artists while being streamed around the world on a radio station that is actually getting listened to by more people than most big cities radio stations. This is NEW radio.

Dash Radio App has millions and millions of daily active users and listeners and it’s only growing more everyday. The Dash Radio App is installed into trucks, cars and SUVs you see on the road, right off the production line. It’s that big!

The Dash Mixtape channel will be getting a million listeners a day in the next 6 months because we are growing this to be the next BIG thing to change the game. And guess what? All those people will be there hearing YOUR music right next to the top up and coming music artists that YOU KNOW.

Download the Dash App today by going here

For All Of The Information On Music Marketing 2019 And Getting Your Music Onto Dash Mixtape Simply Click Here Now

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