How Many Songs Do Major Rappers Make Before They Finally Have A Hit?

How Many Songs Do Rappers Make Before They Have A Hit
How Many Songs Do Major Rappers Make Before They Have A Hit

How Many Songs Do Major Rappers Make Before They Have A Hit?

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how many tries does it take to write a hit rap song

This is a quick article with some cool facts I really feel like a lot of you rappers NEED TO KNOW!

how many songs do you write for a hit

Most rappers write large amounts of songs on a consistent basis in order to get the right rap songs for their upcoming albums. Seriously… most rappers write 100+ songs for each project / rap album and then dwindle it down to around 15 songs for an album.

Then usually there is that ONE hot song on that album right? I’ve watched interviews where rappers like T.I. and The Game mention how they write 100+ songs for a project. And that’s just 2 of the names I’m going to mention here.

While it is the right thing to do to be a perfectionist and make every single song as best as you can, it is way smarter to understand which songs are going to be the BEST SONGS for your project.

They work on tons of songs because you can tell when a song just isn’t “Strong Enough” to keep. When you write tons of songs, eventually you will have an ear for what to keep and for what to toss. You will know what sounding beats serve your style best and which choruses are the best for your audience.

This is why they make 100+ songs for 1 project.


Now You Are Probably Asking

“Why not just work a ton on 1 song and make it perfect?” Well, you do! But you have to find the right song to spend all that time perfecting.

No point in wasting that time working on a song that won’t naturally become good. If it doesn’t have some sort of natural flow and feel when you are making it, than you are forcing it and it will come across as if you are forcing it.

Not only does making a tons of songs give you options, it also helps you learn faster since you are making more songs and it also builds a catalog of songs that might fit better later on other projects or you can sell if it fits another rapper better.

This was just a quick article for you to understand that you should really be conscious of what you are making. Don’t waste your time completing songs that are just going to be mediocre.

The Game in the studio

Even though there are a shit load of factors, I’d say the math is 100 songs to have 1 really great song everyone will love and 500-1000 to have an actual HIT. But this depends on your method of writing.

If you are writing ONLY TO HAVE HITS and work on the same song molding and shaping it. Obviously this number is drastically lower.

Let us remember that people like Bruno Mars sat in a studio with 2 other guys for 3 years straight writing hit songs before he came out and exploded the way he did.

And before that he was turned down by numerous major labels saying “He isn’t ready.” Now he is one of the biggest names in the music industry.


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How Many Songs Do Major Rappers Make Before They Have A Hit

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