Young Thug I’m Up Quick Album Review

young thug im up review
young thug im up review
young thug im up review

Welcome To The Young Thug Album Review “I’m Up”

Welcome to the comprehensive album review of “I’m Up” done by Young Thug

young thug im up review
young thug im up review

1. F Cancer (Boosie) ft. Quavo
2. My Boys ft. Trouble, Ralo and Lil Durk
3. For My People ft. Duke
4. King TROUP
5. Ridin ft. Lil Durk
6. Hercules
7. Special ft. Offset and Solo Lucci
8. Bread Winners ft. Young Butta
9. Family ft. Dora and Dolly

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young thug im up review

Why I Reviewed

I listen to every new project that every major artist releases.

I do this for the following reasons:

0) Thugger is one of the biggest rappers out at the moment. If anything should be reviewed or stayed up on, it is the top artist.

1) It helps me understand where music in the top of the industry is headed and keep on top of things.

2) It makes me personally want to stay on top of my game for writing songs because it reminds me that everyone else is out there grinding nonstop

3) You can always learn something from top industry artist.

4) I figure as long as I am already listening to these albums… why not do quick reviews of them and just let you know what I potentially learned and liked from the album.

5) It helps me bring Smart Rapper readers the new music out.

young thug im up review


Album Summary:

As usual Thugger is very melodic constantly. Every song actually holds its own on the album but none of them are super special on this album. Feels like something he released to hold people over until he drops a real project.

He is signed to 300 so I know they are orchestrating something bigger in the background.

Solid album just nothing big enough to hold it together as something people will still be listening to after 3 weeks of having it in their CD/MP3 Player.

young thug im up review

Best Track On The Project

Best Track:

Hercules – Delivery of the song

young thug im up review

Tracks I Liked

Tracks I Also Liked:

King TROUP – Solid

Ridin – Chorus melody

young thug im up review

Specific Things I Liked

Additional Specific Things I Liked:

How he says “Boys” on the chorus in “My Boys” I laugh every time because it puts this small giggle in the top of my stomach haha. It’s funny but I like it.

“He grew up with no dad” Melody in King Troup.

Hercules Chorus Delivery

young thug im up review


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