How Much Money Does It Cost To Tour?

How Much Money Does It Cost To Tour?

How Much Money Does It Cost To Tour? Transcript

What is good gang? I’m Rob Level. In this video we’re gonna talk about music tour money. How much money does it cost to tour? Let’s talk about it.

You got the van rental fee. You got 3 times you eat McDonald’s every day or whatever you eat. You got the cost of your equipment and then any other minimum expenses that you have on the road. Okay? Additionally, you had better get along incredibly well with whoever is gonna be with you on this van, squeezing space, being annoyed working, and stuff like that.

Alright? Because that could cause problems. And you can see it gets really expensive when you start thinking about it when people get with you. Because the motel, how much is that? How much more food is being taken in if you got more people with you?

You have to have security because you’re at that level. Right? Depends on where you at. You have to be making enough money to be able to actually go tour and come back with some money. Exactly.

You also gotta take into account if you’re a bigger artist and you actually have a band, a band with you doing live music or doing other stuff, that stuff’s all gonna cost money. You got insurance, you got your manager, you got to pay agent agent commissions, equipment repair. Alright? This stuff adds up. Even in the beginning, you have to pay some of this stuff, and then you do small tours.

Alright? And this is often why most people lose money on their first tour. Damn. That’s why you need to have a fan base before you start touring. Now this wasn’t to scare you, but I just want you to know that I don’t want you to lose money if you go on tour.

Alright? I want you to be a Smart Rapper. Let’s get a little bit smarter. It’s Smart Rapper. His tips work on God.

Keep hustling, and I’ll see you at the top!

-Rob Level

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