Should You Use Beats That Come With Hooks On Them?

Should You Use Beats That Come With Hooks On Them?

When I first started rapping I used to be horrible and making hooks. Like you… I knew I could rap the verses and felt very confident with that but… the hooks and choruses were just a whole other story.

I figured if I just used a song that had a great hook on it, I could get away with not having to make hooks.
In this video I want to talk about everything you need to know about using beats with hooks.


1) Everyone else will be releasing their songs with the same hooks you have.

No one will know whose song it really is that is NOT GOOD.

Even if you and someone else use the same beat… it would still end up a completely different song because of your music style on that beat.


2) You start to rely on these pre made hook beats

I went thru a phase where I would only make songs to beats that already had hooks… then I realized… how am I ever going to learn to make great hooks If I am relying on someone else making them.
Then I also started hearing other people using the same beat with the hook like I said in number 1 and it made me feel generic… I wanted to stand out, not have the same song as everyone else.


3) You’ll run into copyright strike issues

If someone else uploads that beat with a hook to their YouTube first… YouTube will register it as theirs and when you upload yours you’ll have to prove you bought a lease for it.

Not a huge deal but still something annoying you’ll have to deal with


4) When someone realizes you weren’t part of the creative process for it

They won’t be nearly as impressed. This even happened the other day when I was doing live reviews of your guys music, I was like wow… this hook is solid and is high quality… in the back of my mind I knew it was a purchased beat that came with a hook…

Then when the verse started and the guy started rapping… his quality of vocals, quality of music style and more didn’t match the song… He immediately lost all credibility with me and I turned it off.

You have to learn how to make good choruses or you’ll never make it where you want to make it.


Are There Benefits Of A Beats With Hooks?

Are there any benefits of using a beat with a hook? Well… not really.
I find that most beat makers make these beats with hooks because they know they sell easier to NEW artists who know they suck at making hooks.

I see beat makers who don’t have a single song with JUST THE BEAT.

And if I see a beat maker has a version of a beat that comes with a hook already, I skip that beat completely because I figure 500 new rappers are going to buy that since it requires way less creativity to release it.

If you want to learn how to make song choruses I have a 4+ hour course where I bring you in the studio with me and I show you how to find beats, make melodies, choose melodies, bring it into your software and make catchy choruses.

I’ll put a link below for my songwriting course. It’s NOT CHEAP, you’d be blown away by the price but it’s all the secrets I learned the last 10 years writing with big name songwriters and you get what you pay for.

Look at the testimonials for it and you’ll understand


– Rob Level

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