How To Invest In Your Music Career

How To Invest Into A Music Career

Investing in your music career shows commitment to your goals in a tangible way that no one can deny. At Smart Rapper, we understand that independent artists need to make their money go a long way.

Truthfully, it’s bigger than money or time.

That’s why we created an affordable way to get top of the line training, tutorials, and week-by-week guidance for your career.

We’ve built a system to support you at a price that makes sense. Investing in your music career just got easier.

Real-life example

My journey has been long and tough to get here. Growing Smart Rapper meant using all my resources and earnings from other successful businesses. I used the cash I earned myself to create this – no investors, and no hedge funds. I’ve bootstrapped this to a thriving company helping millions of people around the world. Now, I have a team to help me – and you – reach our goals.

Smart Rapper has become an undeniable global force in the rap game. What’s more, we’re building a community – a network – that spans countries, interests, and talents. Together, the Smart Rapper Gang is pushing each other, every day, to the top.

We’re solving the biggest problems for artists and innovating industry education by leaps and bounds. We’re evening the playing field for any talented person left behind by the label system.

We’ve made the ultimate resource for your journey as an independent rapper and recording artist. We have researched, talked to experts, brought on industry people, all to optimize the actual path you need to get as far as possible, as fast as possible. This is the secret sauce.

It is broken down week-by-week with the skills and topics we advise you to have on lock. The Rapper Shortcut is the most complete and comprehensive guide to rap success ever created. We’ve created seminars, video tutorials, guides, step-by-step strategies, and more to give you everything you need on every topic.

Today, we’re showing you the possibilities for yourself – your development and success as a recording artist. Follow the Rapper Shortcut. Let us help you. You know you want to.

Don’t just invest MONEY – invest TIME

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Investing money into your rap career goes hand-in-hand with investing TIME into your career. Here is an excellent way to spend your time wisely to advance your career.

I’m going to teach you how to gain way more followers, get fans excited and always looking for your new music, keep your buzz, get momentum going for your music career, and get three times the stream on your music. I just came up with this, and I’m excited to show you.

I’m going to tell you about it, and then show you how I just started implementing it into my music marketing.

Psychology has proven that the WANT for something is more powerful than actually HAVING it.

Getting excited for Christmas morning or the anticipation of a date with a girl is always more exciting than the actual experience. The human brain releases dopamine when we think about something to make us work harder to get closer to having it.

This is how faith and hope work for dreams. You want to be successful, and the idea of having what comes with the hard work is what makes you put in all the hard work.

This is how it works with fans. They are excited to get your new music if they know it is coming.

How excited are you when your favorite artist mentions their new single or album is coming?

You can’t wait to hear it!

Well, the idea I came up with amplifies this times ten.

Release Schedule

I recently saw the release schedule for a major artist (the exact dates they are going to release their new songs).

Now, their fans don’t get to see this schedule of their next 6 songs release date, and they don’t even know the names of them.

But I considered combining the dopamine rushes a fan gets from knowing along with the schedule.

Usually, fans don’t get to see the schedule. It’s for the label and artist only, but what if… fans DID get to see that schedule.

Why Release Schedules are Effective

We are basically drip-feeding what an album tracklist release would do to a fan. Give them a reason to consistently be excited, instead of just for one day’s release.

On top of that, I was thinking…what if I also gave 10-second snippets of the parts of the songs that will leave them wanting more!

Now you have your fan’s attention.

They might like month 1, 2, and 3’s songs, but they might love month 5’s so much they go insane just waiting.

A MASSIVE benefit of doing this is that your fanbase will always know something is on the way. They won’t just FORGET about you. If an artist does not release music for a while, they just fade into the background and another artist replaces them. However, if they KNOW you have a song coming, and they have heard proof it exists (and even better, the best part of the song), they will always get excited when they think about you.

They also have more reasons to talk about you and get their friends excited.

Make sure people know you have a release schedule, though.

You will see exactly how to do this by copying what I did. Look at my release schedule that I just posted earlier this week on

Look at how SoundCloud is moving too, and be sure to follow. You can also check out

To do that, I had a couple of great ideas for you that I am using as well.

Tease your fans

After you have this schedule down, say even for just the next 3 songs…

Take the 10-20 second snippet of each song and upload them to SoundCloud with the date of release attached.

Put them into a video for Instagram and YouTube that plays the snippet and has the date over it.

Another reason this works great for NEW artists is you may only have one or two songs out, and people don’t know if the next stuff you are releasing is worth following you for…

This method gives someone 6 more reasons to follow you to wait to hear it.

If you are not subscribed right now or following me on IG @Rob_Level and @SmartRapper, and on, hook me up with a follow.

I swear. This is GOLD! I have a lot more to show you. If you’re following, you’ll learn these ideas as I discover them.

You are probably wondering to yourself, “But Rob, I don’t have my next 3 to 6 songs done…”


I bet your ass the demo or example of the song made though, right?

Well, upload those unfinished snippets on a schedule and this MAKES YOU have to finish it by a deadline or else you’d be letting yourself down, and even worse, your fans.

This forces you to jump-start your career!

PS: Once you have the better quality versions of the snippets you can actually upload them to take the place of the previous, lesser quality SoundCloud upload. So who cares if it’s not FINISHED 100%…upload the demo you made, and stop making excuses.

Welcome to Smart Rapper. We’ll see you at the top.
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