Why Every Producer Should Get Their Beats Reviewed

Why Every Producer Should Get Their Beats Reviewed

You’re a beginner/intermediate-level producer, still trying to find your sound and perfect your craft. What do you have to lose by submitting your beats to the talented team over at SmartRapper.com? You will receive an in-depth, constructive, non-biased review from our team of producers with a keen ear for talent. http://www.smartrapperbeats.com/submitform

We will break down every aspect of your beat: every instrument you’ve selected and how they are layered, how your beat is organized and structured, how well everything is mixed, how samples are utilized, and more. Here is a rough example of how a Smart Rapper beat review will look like:

3 Reasons To Submit Your Beats For Review

Maybe you’re still on the fence about whether a beat review would be a worthy investment for each of your beats. If you’re still looking for a reason to submit your beats to Smart Rapper before making them public… here’s THREE of ’em.

1) Ensure the highest quality for your beats.

If you want to be taken seriously as a producer, you CANNOT have poor-quality products out there. Besides, every beat you release has the potential to be someone’s first and only impression of your work. Your name, and therefore your reputation, is attached to these beats.

We at Smart Rapper guarantee that the advice you receive from us (if followed correctly) can result in consistently high-quality work that your fans will not be able to shut up about.

2) Maximize your beat profitability.

Rappers and singers are not going to be interested in purchasing your beat if it does not amount to the quality of your competitors. They won’t find it to be worth their time to record an entire song over your beat. Therefore, they might download or freestyle over it for an Instagram video, but they won’t be inclined to purchase a lease and monetize their song.

Make money selling beats. You want these artists to feel as if they’ve discovered a hidden treasure trove when they come across your beats and want to do legitimate business with you. Their fans will then become your fans when they ask, “Yo… WHO MADE THIS BEAT?!”

Growing your clientele will drive more traffic to your content. Then, you will see a major increase in profits each month from your beat sales. This has a much smaller chance of occurring if your product is inconsistent.

3) Don’t waste your time.

Tweaking a beat to sound EXACTLY how you want it to can be time-consuming, especially for a beginner who hasn’t developed the producing speed of an expert. Let us expedite that process and tell you what you need to add, what you need to take out, and what you need to change. You might be afraid of losing time, but with us, you’re actually SAVING time.

We can review your beats and send you feedback on the SAME DAY of your submissions. That’s the musical equivalent of using Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling. We’re the Grammarly of beat-makers!

“But I haven’t made any beats that are ready for review…”

If you don’t know where to start, our new website Smart Beat Maker is the best place for you. Get started right now: https://www.smartbeatmaker.com/

Become a more well-rounded producer.

We offer an extensive variety of courses tailored to any level of experience you may have as a producer. Whether it is your first week or your tenth year, we will help you hone your craft. We’ll get you to the point where you are confident in getting your beats reviewed and can start building your catalog.

We will teach you how to make a beat with NO PRODUCER SKILLS, how to incorporate the most up-to-date beat trends into your unique sound, how to rank your beats on YouTube, and SO MUCH MORE.

You will not gain this amount of knowledge anywhere else. Join us TODAY!

“I don’t need reviews for my beats, they are FLAWLESS…”

Perfect. Send them in any way.

Best case scenario: We’ll all geek out over your extraordinary talent and grant you a PERFECT SCORE, thus reassuring that you are indeed the next Dr. Dre.

Hell yeah.

Worst case scenario: We point out flaws that you hadn’t noticed or may not agree with, but that other listeners WILL agree with. You can consider fixing them, thus giving your beats more of a fighting chance in this oversaturated market.

Our goal is to ensure the highest quality product. For such a small investment and a potentially massive return-on-investment (if you follow our advice), the decision becomes obvious. Don’t stand in your own way of excellence by fearing criticism and rejecting guidance.

Get A Non-Biased Opinion From Brand-New Listeners

Submitting your beats for review as an amateur producer is an obvious win-win. You win time that you would be spending sitting at your desktop, listening to your beat on repeat, wondering why you aren’t completely satisfied. You win loyal fans and clientele who KNOW that your product will always be top-notch.

We at Smart Rapper understand your vision better than your “yes man” friends, and we want to help you express it to your audience and your clientele. We all need assistance, and we could all use quality second opinions.

Join us today, and let us help you get to the top.

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